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Developing Informatics Skills and Capability (DISC)

Health informatics is "the knowledge, skills and tools which enable information to be collected, managed, used and shared to support the delivery of healthcare and promote health."

Department of Health

There are a growing number of people who specialise in health information and systems, providing essential support for clinicians, patients and managers in areas such as ICT, information management, health records and clinical coding, education and training or the management of these informatics functions.

As an expert in health informatics, the HSCIC offers support materials, guidance and tools, as well as general information about health informatics and how it can help make your organisation more efficient and effective.

Please see the appropriate area below for more information on what is available for individual staff members, managers, education specialists and organisations.

Informatics in practice

A brief introduction to health and social care informatics and some examples of how it is used to support health and care.

Professional development opportunities

As the leader in health informatics, the HSCIC provides information on education and career pathways as well as free tools to support your professional development.

Organisational development in health informatics

Learn how to benchmark your organisation's maturity in health informatics and further develop your capabilities. Includes information on project management, assessing training needs, and sharing knowledge to improve productivity.

Emerging areas in informatics

The HSCIC is leading projects to shape the future of Health Informatics. Find out more and how to get involved.

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