Systems and technology

Systems and technology
Technology will play a key role in the London 2012 Games, enhancing the spectator experience as well as safeguarding their comfort, safety and security.

The vast majority of the technology required to support the London 2012 Games will be delivered by the LOCOG and its sponsors.

The ODA‘s Systems and Technology (S&T) team worked closely with LOCOG to understand the role and nature of technology during the Games, to advise on and plan infrastructure and venue design and delivery, and support its installation.

Future proofing, for both during and after the Games, was at the forefront of the S&T team’s role as it provided guidance, direction, support and requirements definition to venue and infrastructure delivery teams, as well as technical assurance of systems delivered by the ODA.

The adopted strategy focused on a ‘fitted for but not with’ approach for systems to ensure that emerging requirements for the Games could be incorporated into venue systems designs without major re-works and additional costs.

Safety and security were a key part of the brief for the ODA and the Park. A strategy was developed with a reference design, which then provided technical assurance of the Park and venue security systems. This ensured that an integrated solution was delivered, capable of meeting the demands during the construction phase of the project and during the Games themselves.