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Indicator Governance Board (IGB)


IGB consists of experts from across the health and social care system who oversee the indicator assurance process, ensuring that all the correct stages have been followed. Current member organisations include:

  • The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC)
  • Care Quality Commission (CQC)
  • National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)
  • Department of Health (DH)
  • Public Health England (PHE)
  • National Trust Development Authority (NTDA)
  • Health Education England (HEE)
  • NHS England
  • Monitor
  • NHS Sustainable Development Unit.

Memorandum of Understanding

Participating organisations are committed to the promotion of openness and transparency in health and social care indicators through the governance of said indicators and their methodologies. Through their recognition and support for the benefits of raising standards, organisations will seek to reduce duplication of indicators and support clarity and consistency (including definitions) in order to encourage common understanding.

Assurance, Approval and Review

With regards to indicators submitted to the process, they consider the strategic issues relating to the production and utilisation of the indicator following clear and transparent criteria. Issues raised by IGB relate to many areas, including:

  • feasibility
  • information governance
  • access to underlying data
  • duplication of indicators.

IGB also aims to resolve any outstanding issues from MRG and takes advice from them regarding possible strategic issues identified. Once IGB is satisfied that all potential issues regarding the indicator have been addressed, the indicator is then signed off.

The regulations make it clear that for indicator methodologies to be included in the library approval is required. IGB has been established to fulfil the approval function.

IGB has a responsibility to set the terms of review for new or updated indicators and retire indicators which are out of date or have been superseded. Any indicators which have been assured as quality indicators by IGB are added to the Library of Quality Assured Indicators, produced by the HSCIC.

Meetings take place approximately every 6 weeks at HSCIC offices in Leeds. Applicants are not required to attend this stage of the process.

pdf icon IGB Terms of Reference version 1.7 [348kb]

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