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Appraisal end-to-end process

Upon receipt of a completed form, applications to the Indicator Assurance are critically appraised against the criteria and considerations following a number of set stages. Appraisals are undertaken with input from a range of subject matter experts in order to provide an impartial and objective assessment of the quality of the indicator.

On completion of the appraisal, recommendations are sent through to the Indicator Governance Board, along with outstanding risks and issues. The Indicator Governance Board decides on the level of assurance given to the indicator and approves it for inclusion in the National Library of Quality Assured indicators.

The appraisal process consists of the following stages:

Initial Appraisal - the IAS team will support applicants to complete the application form.

Peer Review- feedback on proposals from independent experts with knowledge relevant to specific topic areas.

Methodology Review Group - appraisal by panel of statistical and analytical experts.

Indicator Governance Board - senior representatives from across the system provide strategic governance and the approval function required for the National Library of Quality Assured Indicators.

Initial Appraisal

Upon receipt of the application form, the IAS within the Clinical Indicators Team at the HSCIC will process the form, provide an initial evaluation of its completeness and set up a Record of Assurance for the proposed indicator on the Indicator Assurance Repository.

The repository provides a public record of the indicators appraised within the IAS, including application forms, appraisal records and dates and sign-off details and dates.

To access the Repository email:

Peer Review

The HSCIC is continually seeking to build its peer review base to encompass a wider section of the health system. If you are interested in contributing to the peer review process, please contact the Indicator Assurance Service Team.

Methodology Review Group (MRG)

MRG consists of statistical, methodological and epidemiological experts from both within the HSCIC and the wider health and social care system. With all indicators, MRG appraise the methodology using pdf icon clear and transparent criteria [105kb]. The role of the group is to:

  • appraise the methodology of proposed new and existing indicators
  • consider the validity, construct and statistical methodology of the indicator, with reference to the rationale
  • consider advice given by the peer reviewer
  • ensure multiplicity of indicators is avoided
  • ensure the proposed methodology is consistent with other indicators
  • provide clear recommendations
  • recommend the progression of the indicator to the Indicator Governance Board (IGB).

Based on demand, MRG meetings take place approximately every 2-4 weeks in Leeds. If you are an applicant, it is important that you are available to either attend this meeting in person or dial in if it is not possible to attend.

The MRG meetings operate in two parts, the first having the applicant present the indicator to the group and answer any questions. This is followed by a closed session, in which members collectively draw conclusions and make recommendations. The feedback is then given to the applicant by the secretariat at a later date.

Please note that MRG may require the indicator to return to a meeting at a later date if there are outstanding queries regarding the indicator methodology or whether it is fit for purpose.

View the pdf icon MRG terms of reference version 7 [473kb].

MRG make recommendations to the Indicator Governance Board based on their evaluation of the application against the criteria and considerations.

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