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Children and Young People's Health Services Data Set

This page provides information and implementation guidance for the Children and Young People's Health Services (CYPHS) data set.

Following acceptance by the Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI), an updated Information Standards Notice (ISN) was approved by NHS England on 21 April 2015 mandating the central flow, and published under section 250 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. The ISN provides an overview of the CYPHS data set requirements and can be found on the SCCI web pages along with other published documents. CYPHS data is mandated for central flow to the HSCIC from 15 October 2015 (for September 2015 data) for all providers of NHS funded services. This is the initial release of the landing platform and further functionality will be deployed to users in the future. The dates were previously set for 05 October 2015 however due to some technical difficulties this date has since been revised to the 15 October 2015, please refer to the September information update location on the MCDS web page.

There will be no test environment available for uploads prior to the initial opening of the portal in October 2015, therefore we are proposing that from the 15 October 2015 we will go-live with the first release enabling data to be flowed as quickly as possible. This initial version will enable providers to upload files, the system will apply File Level Rejection functionality and as a result, will enable providers to undertake reconciliation of data within the file.

The current planning is for the initial release to be operational through to the end of December 2015, thereby enabling the development, testing and delivery of at least two bug fix releases within this initial period. Within these releases we improve the functionality available to users and fix any issues raised during both our User Acceptance Testing and those discovered by providers when uploading the files for processing during the initial release stage.

What data is being collected?

The CYPHS data set describes national definitions for the extraction of data in relation to the following key areas:

  • personal and demographic
  • social and personal circumstances
  • breastfeeding and nutrition
  • care event and screening activity
  • diagnoses, including long term conditions and childhood disabilities
  • scored assessments

Who should implement the data set?

Community Services that are funded and/or provided by the NHS are required to include their clinical activity in the CYPHS data set provided the patient is less than 19 years old. These activities may take place in locations including health centres, Sure Start centres, day care facilities, schools or community centres, mobile facilities or the patient's own home.

As a result of the Transforming Community Services (TCS) agenda, Community Services can exist within the following different organisation types (both Foundation Trusts and Non-Foundation Trusts):

  • Acute Trusts.
  • Mental Health Trusts.
  • Community Healthcare Trusts.
  • Care Trusts.
  • Social Enterprises.
  • Integrated Care Organisations.
  • Any Qualified Providers.
  • Independent Sector Providers (including Third Sector).

The standard also applies to suppliers of IT systems used by CYPHS.

When do I need to implement the data set?

System Suppliers

From 01 September 2015, CYPHS systems MUST be fully conformant with this standard.

Care Providers

From 01 September 2015, providers of NHS-funded CYPHS MUST be able to collect information locally, and from 15 October 2015 MUST begin submitting CYPHS data set submissions in accordance with this standard.

How do I implement the data set?

The CYPHS data set defines an output standard, which is to be compiled from existing clinical records to enable monthly submissions to the Bureau Service Portal. It does not represent a definitive list of data items and values which may need to be captured for care delivery, merely a subset to which local data should be mapped for national submission and analysis purposes. NHS-funded Services will have the flexibility to adopt any local data collection process and employ whichever IT system that is capable of extracting data in accordance with the output specification.

The CYPHS data set will be submitted using an XML format. An XML conversion tool package for the Children & Young People's Health Services (CYPHS) Data Set has recently been developed by the HSCIC. This is intended to enable providers to load or copy their data into the provided table structure. Once complete, a routine can be run that will export the submission into the required XML format ready for submission to the Bureau Service Portal. The associated XML schemas are available as outlined below. A copy of the draft conversion tool is currently available on request from our Contact Centre, please send an email to citing 'CYPHS Conversion Tool' in the subject line in order to request this. The current version of the conversion tool is v1.83, please ensure that you are using this current version, if you are experiencing any errors during your submission, it may be that you are using an older version, which must be replaced by this current version.

In order to start making submissions, you will also need to register to use the submission portal and supply a data user certificate (DUC) form, which you can now find on our website under 'download the CYPHS dataset data user certificate' on the HSCIC web pages. Any queries regarding this should be sent to the Exeter Helpdesk via

The associated XML schemas are available as outlined below. There is also a guidance document available which explains how to open a CYPHS XML extract in Access 2003, 2007 and 2010.

How will I submit the data?

Submissions will take place on a monthly basis. For each reporting period, data providers should populate their XML schema file with data collected from their own local systems, and upload this to the central system using the online Bureau Service Portal (BSP). In order to make your submissions, you need to register to use the BSP via the Exeter Helpdesk at

Each submission window for the dataset will be for one month, and will be open for a Primary submission and a Refresh for the previous period.

For example, in October, any data that was recorded in September must be submitted. This is the September Primary submission

In November, any data that was recorded in October must be submitted. This is the October Primary submission. There is then another chance to submit the September data (September Refresh).

What are the submission dates?

Post-deadline processing time is likely to be around 7 days. Data is required to be submitted monthly, the timetable for which is shown below:



Submission Window Opens 00:00:00 of:

Submission Window


23:59:59 of:

Extracts Available From


February (R) & March (P)




March (R) & April (P)




April (R) & May (P)




May (R) & June (P)




June (R) & July (P)




July (R) & August (P)





August (R) & September (P)




September (R) & October (P)




October (R) & November (P)




November (R) & December (P)




December (R) & January (P)




January (R) & February (P)




February (R) & March (P)




March (R) & April (P)



*Once available, we will post dates for when the extracts become available on this webpage/within this table.

Scheduled System Maintenance/updates:

For further detailed information on scheduled system maintenance and updates, please refer to the notice function on the Bureau Service Portal (BSP), which provides advance notice of downtime.

When will the data be available?

Data quality feedback and reports will be made available to providers once they begin submitting data, and dates for these will be updated on this webpage accordingly. Once dates are made available they will be published on this page accordingly, therefore please refer back regularly for any updates.


You can use our information and tools to help implement the CYPHS data set in your organisation. The ISN provides an overview of the CYPHS data set requirements, and can be found on the SCCI web pages along with other published documents as outlined below.

Organisational assessment and planning tools

word icon CYPHS Implementation Planning Template [366kb]

You can use this planning template to plan your organisation's activity for implementing the CYPHS data set. The resulting plan should give a high level picture of how your organisation intends to tackle this implementation within the anticipated timescales.

word icon CYPHS Readiness Assessment Tool [196kb]

You can use this readiness assessment tool to measure your organisation's CYPHS data set implementation progress. This spans a baseline assessment, regular reviews and a final review to report successful implementation.

xls icon CYPHS System Conformance Checklist [342kb]

This is a worksheet tool for service providers to assess how well their local IT systems 'map' to the data set specification.

The xml schemas describe the structure of the exports and can be used to assist in development of in-house analytical and checking tools.



Current Version

Last Updated

pdf icon Opening a CYPHS XML Extract in Access 2003 2007 or 2010 [6kb]

Guidance document for importing xml file into Access 2003, 2007 or 2010



zip icon CYPHS Commissioner Extract Schema [5kb]

File structure for the outgoing Commissioner Extracts.

Extracts are available for commissioners following post-deadline processing, and after they have been made available for providers. Commissioners will only have sight of these, once they have been loaded into the data warehouse. Their view will only show pseudonymised data.



zip icon CYPHS Provider Pre Deadline Extract Schema [3kb]

File structure for the outgoing Provider Pre-Deadline Extracts.

Once a provider has submitted a successful file and it has been processed, a pre-deadline extract can be downloaded. Further processing is later required to produce the post-deadline extracts (this takes place after the submission deadline).



zip icon CYPHS Provider Post Deadline Extract Schema [5kb]

File structure for the outgoing Provider Post-Deadline Extracts.

Following post-deadline processing (once the submission window has closed), the central system/Bureau Service Portal (BSP), generates a 'post-deadline' extract for providers which contains the elements of their data, taken into data storage.



NB: Pre-deadline processing is applied to every file uploaded to the BSP. It produces a pre-deadline extract and Data Summary reports.

Post-deadline processing is only applied to the 'last good' primary (and refresh, if submitted) files that have passed validation by the submission deadline.

This is because files need to flow in sequence through the post-deadline processing, with all refresh files processed before primary files and only one of each type for each provider.

Both pre-deadline and post-deadline extracts have the same file format, structure and elements.

Further information on each in more detail can be found within the Technical Guidance documents for each dataset on our web pages.

Guidance documents

Please note that these documents are currently in draft form and are subject to future updates to allow us to address any issues or queries which users raise.

DocumentDescriptionCurrent versionLast updated

pdf icon CYPHS User Guidance [805kb]

The User Guidance describes how the information standard should be interpreted by service providers, IT system suppliers and other stakeholders. It helps users understand the scope of the standard and how it should be implemented locally.V2.225/04/2016

pdf icon CYPHS Technical Guidance [154kb]

This describes the data submission framework and how service providers should create and submit a data submission file.V0.619/12/2014
pdf icon CYPHS Extracts Specification [349kb]

The Extracts Specification document describes the requirements for forming data extracts for CYPHS. This document should be used in conjunction with the CYPHS Technical Output Specification and Data Model, both of which can be found on this webpage.

pdf icon CYPHS Patient Information Leaflet [152kb]

This text provides information for patients about how their information is used in the CYPHS. Providers should add this text to their own information leaflets.


Baselined Data Model and Specification

The Data Model has been approved by SCCI and therefore constitute a final version that cannot be changed without going through the SCCI corrigendum or change request process. The Technical Output Specification is the same as the one published on the SCCI website, and these common elements can also not be changed like the Data Model. However the version on this website also includes additional information relating to the validations carried out by the Bureau Service Portal and the derived data items that are included in the provider and commissioner extracts. The validations and derivations are not controlled through the SCCI process and can therefore be subject to change. The version of the Technical Output Specification below has been 'baselined' and is the version of this document that the Bureau Service Portal (BSP) has been developed to.

DocumentDescriptionCurrent VersionLast updated

pdf icon CYPHS Data Model [165kb]

A single page data model of the CYPHS data set, for use with the Technical Output Specification and other documents.V1.502/07/2015

xls icon CYPHS Data Set Technical Output Specification [1Mb]

A detailed specification of each CYPHS data item, including linkage items used to link each data group.

Known issues update

DocumentDescription                                                                                                                  Current VersionLast updated

pdf icon CYPHS Known Issues Update [285kb] 

A number of bug fixes were implemented on the 24/03/2016 to the BSP. There are some additional bug fixes planned for implementation in the future, which we will keep updating here accordingly.1.0                        08/04/2016

Additional Current BSP Functionality to the Baselined Specification

The following document highlights additional functionality taken from planned future releases of the Technical Output Specification that has already or is scheduled to be built into the Bureau Service Portal.

DocumentDescriptionCurrent VersionLast updated


Additional current functionality included in the Bureau Service Portal--

Planned Future Technical Output Specification(s)

The following version(s) of the Technical Output Specification are planned for inclusion in a future release of the Bureau Service Portal (BSP). However, except for the additions identified in the 'Additional Current BSP Functionality' document these changes have yet to be implemented in the BSP.

DocumentDescriptionCurrent VersionLast updated
xls icon CYPHS Data Set Technical Output Specification [1Mb]A detailed specification of each CYPHS data item, including linkage items used to link each data group.V1.5.3514/06/2016

Future Dataset Change Requests

The following document contains details of high level changes which users have requested to be included in the next version of the CYPHS Data Set. We are always happy to receive constructive comments and suggestions for improvement, which will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Recommendations can be made via with the subject line 'CYPHS Data Set'.

pdf icon CYPHS Change Request Log June 2016 [227kb]

This document is intended to provide a high-level summary of the requested changes currently in development or under consideration for the CYPHS Data Set.



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