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ISB 1561

Diabetes Summary Core Data Set

About this information standard

This data set was first introduced in 2003, as part of a Diabetes Data Set Project to support both the Diabetes National Service Framework and the Quality Indicators for Diabetes Services.

A review of the national portfolio of information standards by Information Standards Board for Health and Social Care (ISB), prior to handover to SCCI, indicated this information standard was no longer in use. On a wider investigation, by HSCIC, of the use of data to support diabetes services, this conclusion was confirmed. A report was submitted to the SCCI meeting in June 2016 which included a recommendation to retire this information standard. SCCI accepted this recommendation.

This retirement therefore formally withdraws the following Data Set Change Notice: DSCN 27/2003

Release titleRetirement
Release date01/09/2003
Retirement date29/06/2016
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