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Radiotherapy Data Set

About this information standard

The purpose of the Radiotherapy Data Set (RTDS) is to:

  • collect consistent and comparable data across the NHS Acute Trust providers of radiotherapy services
  • provide nationally comparable data to inform the planning, provision and commissioning of radiotherapy services across the NHS.

It has been a mandatory standard since April 2009 and collects information regarding every patient receiving the following types of radiotherapy:

  • all Teletherapy
  • all Brachytherapy given using automated remote afterloading machines
  • all other Brachytherapy given for the treatment of Malignant Disease.

Providers of radiotherapy services to the NHS are required to provide a monthly return on all of the relevant types of radiotherapy exposures delivered as described above. All attendances at the radiotherapy department should be reported using the radiotherapy attendance record (formed of the out-patient commissioning data set (OP CDS) and a radiotherapy out-patient indicator).

Until 31 March 2016, returns should be made to the National Clinical Analysis and Specialised Applications Team (NatCanSAT). From 1 April 2016, responsibility for the data set transfers to the National Cancer Registration Service (NCRS) at Public Health England (PHE).

This information standard is published under section 250 of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. An Information Standards Notice (see below) provides an overview of scope and implementation timescales, and the Requirements Specification and Implementation Guidance documents provide further detail for those who have to implement the information standard.

Note that the Further information section on this page will be updated when responsibility passes to PHE.

Current release

Release date19 November 2015
Release numberAmd 13/2015
Release titleVersion 5.0
Key documents
Supporting documents
Further informationPHE Radiotherapy Data Set
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