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Consultation on statistics produced from the mental health minimum data set (MHMDS)

This consultation closed on 1 June 2012.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre currently publishes two regular releases from this nationally mandated dataset; the annual Mental Health Bulletin and the Routine Quarterly MHMDS Reports. A public consultation was held in the first part of 2012, at a time when a new version (4.0) of the MHMDS was being introduced (mandated from 1st April 2012). Version 4.0 superceded version 3.5 and allows additionally data items to be collected, making it much richer in terms of potential for analyses, and supports requirements such as Payment by Results (PbR). Since the end of the consultation, the requirement for monthly submissions to MHMDS has been confirmed from April 2012 (up to this date submissions were made on a quarterly basis). Whilst it has not been possible to publish the results of the consultation until now, we have been looking at the consultation responses throughout the course of the 2012 and have taken them into account in much of the development work we have been progressing. We have also engaged with users in other ways such as events, workshops, MHMDS communications and user groups - as well as in the course of providing support on submission and analysis of MHMDS data.

The aims of the consultation exercise were:

  1. To ensure that information produced nationally, at service level and commissioner level meets the needs and requirements of all of our users;
  2. To assess whether the statistics in our MHMDS publications are up to date and are appropriate;
  3. To assess how the change of data source could add value to these statistics;
  4. To find out which statistics are most important in supporting PbR;
  5. To assist in designing new products required under the Transparency Agenda;
  6. To form part of our preparation for future assessment of these statistics by the United Kingdom Statistics Authority (UKSA) against National Statistics standards.

word icon Read a report on the consultation results [288kb] 

Completing the Consultation

Consultation questions were optional. Respondents were encouraged to answer as many as possible.

pdf icon Download a full list of the consultation questions [281kb]

Useful documents

Read the latest routine quarterly MHMDS reports.

Mental Health Bulletin - Fifth report from Mental Health Minimum Dataset (MHMDS) annual returns, 2011

For more information about what is in the MHMDS, see our MHMDS specifications and guidance page.

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