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Information Standards and Collections (Including Extractions)

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Welcome to the Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI) web pages.

The Committee oversees the development, assurance and approval of information standards, data collections and data extractions (ISCE).

Membership is drawn from a wide range of national bodies and organisations involved in the provision and management of health and care services in England. This ensures a system-wide, joined up approach to decision making. SCCI meets on a monthly basis and all its meeting papers are made available online in the meeting papers portfolio. More information about the governance of SCCI is available in its terms of reference and other policy documents.

Please see the appropriate area below for more information about SCCI activity. 

Current standards and collections

You can find all current SCCI and ISB standards and collections in the SCCI directory (external link). Recent publication activity can also be found on our Publication pages.

Work in progress

You can see a list of all the standards and collections currently in active development on our collaboration site (external link).

Development of standards and collections

The end to end development of standards and submission through the SCCI process is supported by the SCCI Services team within HSCIC.

Assurance of standards and collections

SCCI is committed to ensuring the quality of information standards and data collections, to ensure effective implementation, full realisation of benefits and minimal disruption for staff, patients and care users. The SCCI Services team works alongside other HSCIC teams to achieve this.

SCCI Assurance Certificates are issued to confirm that an ISCE has been through assessment and is demonstrated to meet the SCCI quality assurance criteria.

Submit an idea

SCCI welcomes anyone to submit an idea for a new standard, collection or extraction; more information about how we support ideas can be found on our Idea to Need page.

Existing developers with a proposal for change should register this with SCCI by completing our online submission form.

Get involved

SCCI is committed to ensuring a greater degree of public participation in the development process. You can keep up to date with opportunities for involvement by joining our mailing list.

Contact us

If you have any questions about SCCI please email SCCI Services at  

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