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Data transfer tools

The tools used to collect and transfer data can have a big impact on participation and quality of the data received. Here is a list of the tools and surveys we use to collect our data.

  • Clinical Audit Platform

    The Clinical Audit Platform will provide a single standard technical platform for all of the clinical audits. This will be easily accessible by all NHS staff providing data.

  • Estates Returns Information Collection (ERIC)

    This is the main central data collection for estates and facilities services from the NHS containing information dating back to 1999/2000.

  • NHS Safety Thermometer

    The NHS Safety Thermometer is a local improvement tool for measuring, monitoring and analysing patient harms and 'harm free' care.

  • Omnibus Survey

    Omnibus Survey is a web-based data collection tool which the NHS, social care and other organisations use to submit data to us.

  • Secure Electronic File Transfer

    Secure Electronic File Transfer (SEFT) allows us to transfer data to and from any external organisation electronically and securely. The service allows us to provide a secure wrapper around any file, irrespective of file type, structure or data content.

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