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Benefits case study: Registered blind and partially sighted (2011) publication

Every three years since 2006, the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) has produced the 'Registered Blind and Partially Sighted' publication. The publication sets out data on the number of people registered with local authorities as blind and the number of patients registered with local authorities as partially sighted. The 2011 publication has been used by local authorities, as well as by charities and services, such as Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB), Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, Certifications Office and Thomas Pocklington Trust, to plan services and carry out improvement activities. All these activities have contributed to the following outcomes and benefit.  


  • Improved processes for the collection of Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI) data at hospitals and sight loss registration data at local authorities. This is likely to have enabled:
    • more blind and partially sighted people to engage with social care providers
    • epidemiological analysis on causes of visual impairment to be conducted against a more complete population
  • Improved planning and delivery of services, which has resulted in the right type of visual impairment services being made available, at the point of need. This has led to:
    • more blind and partially sighted people living independently
    • more blind and partially sighted people joining in community activities and events
    • fewer blind and partially sighted people living in isolation
  • Local plans better reflect the health profile of local populations, allowing services to be better tailored for people who are blind and partially sighted
  • There has been an increase in the provision of visual impairment services


  • An increase in the number of Eye Clinic Liaison officers (ECLOs) at eye clinics (hospitals). This has enabled more blind and partially sighted people to receive post-diagnosis support and guidance.
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