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Right Care

The Right Care programme is one of 12 work streams within The Department of Health's "Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention (QIPP)" programme. QIPP is working at a national, regional and local level to support clinical teams and NHS organisations to improve the quality of care they deliver while making efficiency savings that can be reinvested in the service and deliver year-on-year quality improvements.

About QIPP Right Care

Right Care is a programme designed to increase the value from the resources allocated to healthcare and directly address variations in spend, activity and outcomes in three ways:

  • improved clinical involvement in commissioning
  • stronger patient involvement through shared decision making
  • supporting commissioners with knowledge, information and coaching to consider the legitimacy of variation and thus whether the level of variation needs addressing.

Using this resource

Right Care has produced a bespoke Health Investment Pack (HIP) for each PCT in England. The HIPs use the outputs from analysis tools already available to PCTs to analyse variation in spend, outcomes and activity growth for one particular programme budget category for that PCT.

The analysis tools include: the Programme Budgeting spreadsheet; SPOT (Spend and Outcome Tool), Programme Budgeting Atlases, NHS Comparators, and IVET (Inpatient Variation expenditure Tool).

The packs provide an illustration to PCTs of what can be done to analyse Health Investment within their populations and, together with the word icon Health Investment Pack Guide [121kb] and word icon Health Investment Pack Guide for GPs [133kb] for using the tools, how the data helps to identify potentially unwarranted variation which would merit further investigation and action.

Browse and view the Health Investment Packs here.

Contact Information

The HIPs have been distributed to PCTs by the Health and Social Care Information Centre on behalf of The Department of Health's QIPP Right Care team.

For any queries in relation to the packs, please contact your Strategic health authority QIPP lead.

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