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Monthly Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Reports

The IAPT programme is designed to provide services for those experiencing anxiety and depressive disorders and the purpose of the IAPT dataset is to support reporting on the treatment of these individuals. This new monthly statistical release from version 1.5 of the IAPT dataset provides the most up to date information from the IAPT dataset.

In addition to providing timely information, the dataset also provides a wide range of information about access, waiting times and outcomes of NHS funded IAPT services for adults in England.

Prior to April 2015, data quality reports along with limited activity measures were published monthly, with more detailed activity measures being published on a quarterly basis. From April 2015 (the report based on final January 2015 data), information will be published on a monthly basis to reflect the frequency of data collection and to provide more timely access to data. Some additional measures will be released every quarter as a supplement to the monthly file. The changes are explained in detail in the methodological change paper.

Each monthly release comprises:

  • an executive summary which presents a number of key measures and national-level time series information;
  • a csv file of 122 activity measures reported at England, CCG, provider and CCG-provider combination levels;
  •  two sets of data quality measures to help users assess the quality of specific information (for the current month and provisional data for the following month);
  • a metadata file containing names, descriptions, constructions and derivations used for each measure in the csv file;
  • a data quality reference guide covering common data quality issues known to affect the dataset and likely impact on the data.

This information will be of particular interest to organisations involved in the delivery and commissioning of IAPT services as it presents timely information to support discussions between providers and commissioners of services.

For patients, researchers, agencies and the wider public it aims to provide up to date information about the numbers of people using services, waiting times and the effectiveness of services in terms of patient recovery. Measures presented are currently experimental analysis.

All the measures can be produced from analysis of the monthly extracts supplied to providers and commissioners with access to the Bureau Service on the Open Exeter system, although many measures reference data from earlier submissions. An FAQ guide has been produced to assist providers who wish to replicate our published reports.

Please find the most recent monthly publication: June 2016 Final, July 2016 Provisional and most recent quarterly data (Quarter 4 2015/16) 

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