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Immunisation Programmes Collection (KC50)

ROCR Licence: ROCR/OR/0069/004MAND
Frequency: Yearly

October 2013: The Health and Social Care Information Centre has recently undertaken a review of the KC50 data collection which collects information on persons receiving BCG vaccinations for tuberculosis and on reinforcing doses of diphtheria, tetanus and polio (Td/IPV) given to school leavers.  Data from this collection are usually published in NHS Immunisation Statistics, England. The review was undertaken to examine future information needs and following data supply and quality issues with the collection over a period of years.

The findings of the review have been considered by PHE which is now proposing the evaluation of Td/IPV coverage as part of a new annual adolescent immunisation data collection. Under this proposal, data on BCG vaccinations would be incorporated into the current COVER (Collection of Vaccination Evaluated Rapidly).

The HSCIC will undertake a formal consultation with users once the impact of potential changes to existing data collections on NHS Immunisation Statistics is clear. In the meantime the KC50 collection will continue to be suspended.

Background to the collection

The KC50 records information on the immunisation of children aged 13-18 years receiving a reinforcing dose of tetanus, diphtheria and polio (Td/IPV) containing vaccine within each PCT, including those provided by GPs and other community/primary care staff.

Childhood immunisation is included in tier 2 of 'Vital Signs' under the heading: "VSB10: Individuals who complete immunisation by recommended ages."

Full technical definitions for all indicators are available through Unify2. Lines 19 to 21 relate to children aged 13-18 immunised with a booster dose of tetanus, diphtheria and polio.

The information obtained from the KC50 collection monitors progress of the childhood immunisation programme. It is also used in negotiations and resource allocation to the NHS.

This information is published annually in a statistical bulletin 'Immunisation Statistics, England'. A list of recent publications is available from the Past Publications section below.

Launch and submission dates

PeriodLaunchedSubmission Deadline
1 April 2011 - 31 March 20122 April 20129 May 2012
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