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Health Surveys Service

We can commission and manage contracts to carry out surveys on aspects of health and social care.

What is the Health Surveys Service?

Our analysts and data experts have the expertise and experience of running complex health surveys. We can carry out surveys on behalf of other organisations, both local and national. We can:

  • offer advice on running and commissioning surveys
  • commission and manage whole surveys on your behalf
  • include additional questions in existing surveys. For instance, we can add additional questions or demographic boosts to the Health Survey for England.

By drawing on our data expertise and surveys experience we can provide:

  • independently conducted surveys resulting in trustworthy data
  • high quality and timely data
  • a central national capacity for health surveys. This saves resource in other organisations, both local and national.

Who is the service for?

Local or national organisations interested in surveying sections of the population about aspects of health and social care.

Is there a charge for this service?

We are always happy to offer advice on running surveys, but if you wished to commission us to manage a survey on your behalf then this would require funding from you. Contact us to discuss this in more detail.

How can I apply?

Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and how we might be able to help. Email us at or call our Contact Centre on 0845 300 6016.

Key resources

Find out more about the development of current surveys

Apply to use blood samples taken as part of the Health Survey England for research

Examples of surveys that we run

National surveys funded by the Health and Social Care Information Centre include:

Large surveys that we run on behalf of other organisations include:

What additional surveys have we managed in the past?

Other surveys that we have previously managed, but which are not currently run include:

  • National Maternity Survey  
  • Mental Health: children, ethnic minorities, looked after children and prisoners
  • Questions on general health, use of services and smoking and drinking prevalence currently included in the ONS General Lifestyles Survey

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