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Clinical Audit Platform

The Clinical Audit Platform provides a single standard technical platform for clinical audits, that is easily accessible by all NHS staff providing data.

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) is working to transfer all its clinical audits to the Clinical Audit Platform. The aim is to standardise the current diverse range of platforms and architectures on to one platform for all audits.

The benefits of the Clinical Audit Platform include:

  1. Reduced administration for staff providing information to the audits
  2. A robust and flexible interface that is replicable and repeatable for users across all of the audits
  3. That all of the existing and future clinical audit systems are on HSCIC strategic platforms, leveraging existing HSCIC services wherever possible, to create a consistent and flexible interface to the users across all of the audits.
  4. A platform that support the requirements of the transparency agenda.

How this works

  • Provide a single standard technical platform for all of the clinical audits that is easily accessible by all NHS staff that are entering data.
  • Create a set of re-usable clinical audit components that have been developed for common data items (e.g. patient demographics), thereby significantly reducing development effort
  • Integrate with existing HSCIC services which provide HES and ONS data, to ensure that we maximise the potential power of audit data
  • Use of the HSCIC's single sign on for all of the audits provides the customer with a common way to access all of the clinical audits and to get help from the HSCIC Contact Centre for any queries or assistance
  • A set of standard reporting tools will provide users, clinicians, trusts, analysts and the public with the correct level of information on the submitted audit data in order to support transparency in a safe and secure environment

Open Exeter

Open Exeter is a secure login service giving access to NHS Information maintained by the HSCIC Systems and Service Delivery team.

This application is currently used to collect data for the National Diabetes Core Audit

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