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Data Extract Linkage and Cohort Management

The HSCIC offers both bespoke services customised to your information needs and more general services provided as a part of our remit. Details of all these services and how to apply for them are available below.

Bespoke services

If you can't find the data you need in our catalogue, we have a range of other services to help you access data in bespoke formats. You can also call on the expertise and experience of our data professionals to feed into your own information projects.

Clinical Audit Management Service

The Clinical Audit Management Service delivers all elements of the full clinical audit lifecycle, from the development of the audit's questions and scope, to local and national feedback and reporting.

Data Access Request Service

Data for customers engaged in providing health and social care and promoting health.

General Practice Extraction Service

The General Practice Extraction Service (GPES) collects information from general practice (GP) clinical systems in England and forms part of HSCIC's GP Collections service.

Health Survey for England Bloodbank

Approximately 100,000 blood samples collected as part of the Health Survey for England (HSE) are available to researchers to use for secondary analysis. Here is how to apply for this free service.

Health Surveys Service

We can commission and manage contracts to carry out surveys on aspects of health and social care.

Population, births and deaths services

Get access to sets of data covering population, births and death statistics.

Public services

These are services of interest to the general public, including the 1939 Register Service and the Adoption Registration Service.

Training Quality Improvement

We provide standards, benchmarking and accreditation services, plus guidance and tools to help training services in health and social service care deliver high-quality training.

Routine services

These are services provided through systems or processes that are part of the regular HSCIC remit, and are available to qualifying customers without charge.

Burden Advice and Assessment Service

The Burden Advice and Assessment Service (BAAS) reviews and assesses the impact of national and local data collections on the NHS.

Calculating Quality Reporting Service (CQRS)

Together with the General Practice Extraction Service (GPES), CQRS has replaced the Quality Management and Analysis System (QMAS), used previously to calculate payments to GPs under the Quality & Outcomes Framework (QOF).


CareCERT will be a major national service, which will support the health and social care system to respond effectively and safely to cyber security threats.

Data Service for Commissioners

NHS England has commissioned the HSCIC to deliver the new Data Service for Commissioners. The service will receive and process personal confidential data (PCD) on behalf of Commissioning Support Units (CSUs) and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs).

Developing Informatics Skills and Capability

As an expert in health informatics, the HSCIC offers support materials, guidance and tools, as well as general information about health informatics and how it can help make your organisation more efficient and effective.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) 

EPS enables prescribers - such as GPs and practice nurses - to send prescriptions electronically to a dispenser (such as a pharmacy) of the patient's choice. This makes the prescribing and dispensing process more efficient and convenient for patients and staff. 

Information Standards

Information Standards Delivery provides services and products to assist the collection, processing, management and sharing of health and social care information to support patient care.

Information Standards, Data Collections & Data Extractions - national governance

The Standardisation Committee for Care Information (SCCI), oversees the development, assurance and approval of information standards information standards, data collections, and data extractions.

Indicator Assurance Service

Supports anyone looking to develop a new national indicator by providing an open and transparent way of assuring indicator methodologies.

National Casemix Office

The National Casemix Office designs and refines classifications that are used by the NHS in England to describe healthcare activity. These classifications underpin the Payment by Results system from costing through to payment, and support local commissioning and performance management.

NHS e-Referral Service

Over the next few years, a new NHS e-Referral Service will succeed the current Choose and Book service. It will be developed based on feedback from patients and NHS professionals.

Organisation Data Service

We are responsible for the publication of codes to identify organisations and individuals across health and social care. We issue and maintain many of these codes and publish some on behalf of third parties.

Service Management

Responsible for the governance and operational management of suppliers' service delivery, in terms of performance, process maturity and live operations.

Supporting transparency and open data

The transparency agenda is a pan-government initiative, in which healthcare data figures prominently.

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