Biodiversa logoFunded under the Framework Programme 7 European Research Area Programme (ERA-NET), BiodivERsA works with a network of 21 national funding agencies in 15 countries. BiodivERsA’s major goal is to build a dynamic, sustainable platform to identify the most pressing strategic issues for biodiversity. It supports and promotes excellence in biodiversity research that is relevant to biodiversity policy and management, at a European transnational scale. Every year, the network determines its own research agenda based on already existing national, European and international agendas, ensuring that the most relevant topics are prioritised. Based on its common agenda, BiodivERsA launches calls for research proposals emphasizing scientific excellence and policy relevance. Funding for biodiversity research projects are awarded on a competitive basis.


BiodivERsA is directly funded by the European Commission for networking costs only, with a budget of €2M over four years. The network acts as a powerful financial lever to encourage national agencies to collectively fund research projects on a pan-European scale. Its ambition is to fund research for €35M over 4 years. The collaborative structure of BiodivERsA's joint calls not only facilitates effective transnational research projects, but also allows national agencies to close gaps in certain areas of expertise, as well as avoid the kind of wasteful overlaps in project content that can occur when national teams work independently.


Further information can be found on the BiodivERsA website and in the BiodivERsA movie


2013-2014 Call Pre-Annoncement Information


BiodivERsA/FACCE-JPI Pan-European call for international research proposals on Promoting synergies and reducing trade-offs between food supply, biodiversity and ecosystem services, planned to be launched in November 2013, with a closing date in mid-February 2014. Further information can be found on the BiodivERsA website


JNCC's role with Biodiversa


BiodivERsA has 6 work packages. JNCC is a Task Leader for work package 2: The European biodiversity research landscape and science-policy integration. Specifically JNCC is leading on task 2.1: Develop guidelines to support research project teams in stakeholder engagement.


As part of the delivery of this task, JNCC produced guidance on best practice in stakeholder engagement in April 2012. The guidance is still in draft, so unavailable for circulation. There is an Executive Summary (PDF, 277 kb) with further information. 


JNCC organised and hosted a BiodivERsA workshop on stakeholder engagement in April 2013. Further details on the BiodivERsA Stakeholder Engagement Workshop web page.