Catalogue of case law relating to articles of the EU Birds and Habitats Directives


The catalogue provides accessible and summarised information on environmental case law relating to the EU Habitats Directive (Articles 1 to 7 and 9 to 16) and the EU Birds Directive (Articles 1 to 9). The current version (Version 2.0) includes all relevant cases from courts in the UK and the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) up until December 2014 using the Westlaw, Lexis Library, Lawtel and Curia legal databases. For further details on what has been included please see the User Manual.


The catalogue summarises the relevant cases identified by the search, creating an entry for each case which sets out the key information, facts of the case and eventual outcomes, and are written in a way that users will not need a legal background to draw out relevant information. The use of the catalogue, as opposed to a legal search engine or database, also means that it is a lot easier to draw out the relevant principles.


The catalogue is in the format of a Microsoft Access Database, which users will requires version 2000 onwards to view the catalogue.  When opening the database a security warning will pop up and you will need to enable macros.

The catalogue is also available as an Excel spreadsheet.


For searching within the Access database:

The case search box will allow you to enter in multiple words as part of the search by typing ‘and’/’or’ between search terms and then allows the user to filter by heading (such as ‘Judgement Date’). For more information on how to use the catalogue and its limitations please refer to the User Manual.


Searching for cases on the Excel spreadsheet:

The spreadsheet allows the user to filter on any of the columns in the normal way using the auto filters. For example you could use the filter for anything containing a given word (this is done by clicking on the right arrow in the column heading and then choosing text filter). Although this filtering works for one column at a time, you can then move on to a different column and apply another filter. For example you could choose country = Scotland and Habitats Directive = 1 (1 means ‘yes’ in this spreadsheet). The spreadsheet also enables the user to filter the summary by a drop down list of keywords - follow the instructions at the top of column E to do this.


Please download the zip file (containing the database, spreadsheet and user manual) and save the unzipped folder to your desktop to ensure the links remain intact.


If you have any queries regarding the database please get in touch with .




You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document.