Natura 2000 and EU Funding


The Prioritised Action Framework for Natura 2000 (PAF) is a tool for EU Member States which aims to integrate financing for Natura 2000 into EU financial instruments for 2014-2020. Written at a national level, the PAF is used by the EU Commission to ensure that any allocated funds support the agreed priorities.

The UK PAF describes measures which need to be financed, identifying potential contributions of each EU funding instrument (such as the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Structural Funds, LIFE, etc.) to the national/regional Natura 2000 network. It sets out the prioritised actions to be taken as well as the supportive monitoring and evaluation measures.

The PAF is a dynamic document to be updated as knowledge on management measures improve.  Natural England currently have a Life+ project underway (IPENS) whose key output will be an update of the English PAF. Natural Resources Wales has recently updated their PAF following a parallel Life+ project (Natura 2000 Programme for Wales) . JNCC are currently working on an update for the offshore PAF, whilst Northern Ireland, Scotland and Gibraltar are updating their respective PAFs.


Download the UK Prioritised Action Framework (PAF)


All sections of the UK PAF are available as downloadable documents:

The Welsh PAF is available at:


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The UK PAF was submitted to the European Commission in 2013, and provides information at a country level. The UK PAF is, therefore, split into seven sections. The introductory section provides an overview of the Natura 2000 network within the territory (Metropolitan UK and Gibraltar), and is predominantly based on the 2007 Article 17 report of Habitats Directive and a range of sources providing information on Birds Directive species and Special Protection Areas (SPA) for birds. This is accompanied by a separate PAF for each of the four countries of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), an offshore PAF (for Natura sites beyond 12 nautical miles where the UK is responsible), and a PAF for Gibraltar.

For more information on the Gibraltar PAF, please visit or contact Stephen Warr.