Evidence Quality Assurance Policy


JNCC implemented a new single policy on Evidence Quality Assurance in January 2014, which is based on a number of existing policies from different work programmes. The policy (EQA Policy) and the associated set of Evidence Quality Guidance Notes provide the standard for JNCC staff to follow to help ensure that the quality of JNCC scientific advice and evidence is fit for purpose.


The policy presents principles that must be adhered to by all staff when providing scientific advice and evidence. The Evidence Quality Guidance Notes are intended to give additional information and tools to help staff make good choices about quality assurance; they are not intended to prescribe activities.


When procuring evidence we will require that contractors and partners comply with our EQA Policy.


Compliance with this policy will be monitored and reported to the Executive Management Board and Joint Committee.


The policy is compliant with The Government Chief Scientific Adviser’s Guidelines on the Use of Scientific and Engineering Advice in Policy Making (2010) and The Defra Joint Code of Practice for Research (2012).