Does ´security says NO´ cause you problems?

04 Aug 2016
CESG's Technical Director for Assurance explains why the NCSC is putting users at the heart of cyber security decisions.

Introducing the National Cyber Security Centre

25 May 2016
Government publishes the NCSC prospectus online, and invites feedback.

NCSC Website: Volunteers wanted for Beta Testing

16 Aug 2016
CESG's Head of Communications explains why we are looking for volunteers to help test the new NCSC website before it goes live.

Keeping bulk personal data safe

08 Jun 2016
Good practices for the secure storage of sensitive data.

Outcomes over process: how risk management is changing in government

14 Jun 2016
Government risk management in a post IS1 & 2 world.

CyberFirst 'Girls Development Day' premieres in Edinburgh

28 Jun 2016
Chris Ensor describes how CyberFirst hopes to inspire the next generation of female cyber professionals.

Launching the Secure by Default Partnership Programme

03 Jun 2016
CESG seek pioneering public sector organisations to help prove the benefits of adopting new technologies.

Security governance, communication & enabling sensible risk...

17 May 2016
Guidance to help organisations consider how to control, direct and communicate their cyber security risk management activities.

The problems with forcing regular password expiry

11 Apr 2016
Why CESG decided to advise against this long-established security guideline.

CESG: the Information Security Arm of GCHQ

27 Oct 2015
Discover how CESG plays a critical part in keeping the UK's IT systems safe.


02 Feb 2016
GovCertUK is the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) for UK Government.

Contact us

03 Nov 2015
How to contact CESG, the Information Security Arm of GCHQ.