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Jobs and trade

Over 3 million jobs in the UK are linked to exports to other European Union countries.


The EU is by far the UK’s biggest trading partner. EU countries buy 44% of everything we sell abroad, from goods like cars to services such as insurance.

As an EU Member State, the UK has full access to the Single Market. This market is made up of over 500 million customers and represents an economy over five times bigger than the UK’s. And it makes it easier and cheaper for UK companies to sell their products to the other 27 EU countries, creating jobs as a result.

Being inside the EU also makes it more attractive to invest in the UK, meaning more jobs. Over the last decade, foreign companies have invested £540 billion in the UK, equivalent to £148 million every day.

Remaining inside the EU guarantees our full access to the Single Market. By contrast, leaving would create uncertainty and risk.

Losing our full access to the EU’s Single Market would make exporting to Europe harder and increase costs for UK businesses.


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