Collection of Resources on Evaluation - CoRE

Access the new Standard Evaluation Frameworks

Evaluation is about judging the value of an activity and assessing whether or not it has achieved what it set out to do. In health promotion, an evaluation determines the extent to which a programme has achieved its objectives, and will assess how different processes contributed to achieving these objectives. Evaluation is particularly important for interventions that aim to tackle overweight and obesity. We need to know as much as possible about which approaches are likely to yield results, and to do this we need to be able to compare results across settings, populations and types of intervention. We can then focus public health investment appropriately. This is even more important in a time of restricted public finances.

The aim of PHE Obesity’s Collection of Resources on Evaluation (CoRE) is to provide information and resources to support practitioners with an interest in the evaluation of interventions related to obesity, overweight, underweight and their determinants. The current version of CoRE covers: PHE Obesity’s Standard Evaluation Frameworks (SEF); evaluation data collection tool (including details of local interventions); other evaluation guidance; reports from evaluation of nationally-initiated schemes; and evaluation websites.