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NHS Improving Quality (NHS IQ)

About us - header

Established on 1 April 2013, NHS Improving Quality (NHS IQ) is the driving force for improvement across the NHS in England. We are working to improve health outcomes for people by providing improvement and change expertise.

Hosted by NHS England, we have created an improvement organisation that is in alignment with the needs and challenges of the NHS. We are doing this by working to the five domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework:

  1. Living longer lives
  2. Enhancing quality of life for people with long term conditions
  3. Helping people to recover from episodes of ill health or following injury
  4. Ensuring that people have a positive experience of care
  5. Treating and caring for people in a safe environment and protecting them from avoidable harm.

In order to facilitate successful improvement programmes, we are working to build improvement capacity and capability and to help develop knowledge and skills across the whole health and care system.

As well as continually looking at best practice from both across the NHS and around the world, NHS IQ draws on the experience of previous successful improvement programmes established by legacy organisations.

We are developing partnerships across sectors and working to support NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Commissioning Support Units and Strategic Clinical Networks, as well as working with NHS England and the wider NHS system.

To find out more, read An introduction to NHS IQ

This infographic from NHS Employers illustrates how NHS Improving Quality fits with the new NHS.