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Gyles Glover

Joint Health and Social Care Self-Assessment Framework 2014

The 2014 Joint Health and Social Care Self-Assessment Framework will run from September 2014 to March 2015. This page provides all the instructions that should be needed.

---------- UPDATE ------------

The spreadsheet for sending us your data is now available. You will find this at the bottom of this page.

The process

The documents at the bottom of the page provide all the details of how the exercise should be run locally and how peer-validation should be organised by your regional NHS and local government colleagues.

Health and Social Care partners in local partnership boards should work together and in collaboration with self-advocates with learning disabilities and carers in developing an initial set of responses to self assessment questions.

A draft of the answers should be compiled.

There will be some form of peer support workshops organised by NHS England Regional offices and ADASS regional groups to provide assistance in ensuring that questions are answered consistently by all areas. This will be organised locally.

Agreed answers should be loaded up onto the IHaL website. More detailed instructions about how to do this will follow. We recommend that you do this after your local peer support workshops.

Finally the agreed report should be discussed by your local Health and Wellbeing Board to inform priorities for next years work.

What the questions cover

The format for the SAF questions is broadly unchanged from 2013. It has the same three sections with nine items in each. The definitions and guidance have been revised mainly to make them clearer. In two questions the SAF specifically asks for direct views of carers and/or self-advocates.

There are a lot fewer number questions. The ones that all relate to how many people with what level of disabilities your area needs to provide care for, and their health and local healthcare. CCGs will be the key partners in ensuring that these numbers are available.

Most of the number questions that local Partnership Boards are not being asked to answer this year can now be answered from nationally available data sources. The Learning Disabilities Observatory will provide the answers to these.

Data entry will be through a website similar to the one used last year. This will be available from later in September. Further instructions will be posted. at that stage.

Information about the process and findings of the 2013 JHSCSAF can be found here.

An email help line for questions is available at ldsaf@phe.gov.uk. We are not able to support telephone enquiries. We will be posting Questions asked and our responses to them on our Questions and Answers (QandA) page.


There is a progress page here. This will show which local areas have reached milestones that we are aware of. At present the only milestone showing is whether we are in touch with you. At present there is no hurry about this. However if you would like to let us have email contact details of the person leading on the SAF in your area we will see they are kept in touch with the process.


1.    Sign off of the JHSCSAF 2013/14 suite of documents NHS England/ ADASSBy end August 2014
2.    Uploading documents for on IHAL sitePublic Health EnglandBy end August 2014
3.    Letter from NHS and ADASS to notify colleagues and members of the launchNHS England and ADASSWeek commencing 8 September 2014
4.    Local Authorities and CCG’s identify lead commissioners who will oversee completion. They will need to get in touch with the IHAL team at ldsaf@phe.gov.ukLocal Authorities and CCG leadsWeek commencing 15 September 2014
5.    ADASS and NHS England identify regional leads for the process who will work together to complete regional work in relation to the SAFADASS and NHS England SAF leadsBy end September 2014
6.    Local completion of initial draft of the submissionLocal Authorities and CCG leadsTasks 6-10 by end January 2015
7.    Peer support Workshop – organised by regional ADASS and NHS England Regional leadsNHS and ADASS Regional Leads organise regional event where draft submissions will be shared, challenged and moderated. This is based on the best practice example from Yorkshire and HumbersideTasks 6-10 by end January 2015
8.    Local Authority and CCG leads finalise local submissionThis is in preparation for local sign off by Partnership Board or equivalent forum Tasks 6-10 by end January 2015
9.    Local Validation and sign off from the LDPBMust include self advocate and family carer representatives as signatoriesTasks 6-10 by end January 2015
10. Final submission of completed and signed off framework to IHALLocal Authority and CCG leadsTasks 6-10 by end January 2015
11. IHAL populates the remaining questions for each area from national sources of data and e-mail final report to local leadsPublic Health EnglandMid February 2015
12. Regional improvement work. NHSE and ADASS leads for regional work. Leading to regional action plans/sector led improvementNHSE and ADASS regional leadsBy end March 2015
13. Presentation to H&WBB’s – leading to local action plan. Include family carer and self-advocate in the presentation.Local Authority and CCG leads with family carer and self-advocateBy end March 2015
14. Review Questions and Launch 2014/15 SAFNHSE/ADASS/Department of Health leadsBy end March 2015
15. IHAL publish national themed analysisPublic Health England with foreword from NHS England and ADASSEnd May 2015
16. Presentation to ADASS National Exec and Ministerial Programme BoardADASS and NHSE leads with family carer (National Valuing Families Forum) and self-advocate (National Forum) representativesEnd May 2015

Authorisation and instructions

Letter describing the launch of the Joint health and social care LD SAF 2014

Letter describing the launch of the Joint health and social care LD SAF 2014

PDF Launch letter
Adobe PDF file - 124 kb
Downloaded: 1023 times
Uploaded: 2014-09-17 14:22:21
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Governance and Instructions for Joint Health and Social Care LD SAF 2014

Governance and Instructions for Joint Health and Social Care LD SAF 2014

PDF Governance and Instructions
Adobe PDF file - 198 kb
Downloaded: 1235 times
Uploaded: 2014-09-17 14:29:04
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Self Assessment Questions for Joint Health and Social Care LD SAF

Self Assessment Questions for Joint Health and Social Care LD SAF

PDF Ld saf 2014 staying healthy staying safe living well guidance final v1.0
Adobe PDF file - 350 kb
Downloaded: 2304 times
Uploaded: 2014-09-17 14:32:17
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Number questions for Joint Health and Social Care LD SAF

Number questions for Joint Health and Social Care LD SAF

PDF LD SAF Number questions
Adobe PDF file - 223 kb
Downloaded: 1782 times
Uploaded: 2014-09-17 14:34:05
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Easy Read and presentation support materials

We have commissioned a set of useful information in accessible forms to assist in publicising the Self Assessment exercise with self-advocates and family carers. These have been produced by Inclusion North.

What Governance means

What Governance means

PDF What Governance means
Adobe PDF file - 221 kb
Downloaded: 364 times
Uploaded: 2014-09-18 09:17:16
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What the papers are about

What the papers are about

PDF What the papers are about
Adobe PDF file - 179 kb
Downloaded: 394 times
Uploaded: 2014-09-18 09:18:47
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Health and social care words

Health and social care words

PDF Health and social care words
Adobe PDF file - 573 kb
Downloaded: 388 times
Uploaded: 2014-09-18 09:20:11
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Introduction to the joint self assessment

Introduction to the joint self assessment

PDF Introduction to the joint self assessment
Adobe PDF file - 265 kb
Downloaded: 699 times
Uploaded: 2014-09-24 17:54:05
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Flyer getting your voice heard

Draft for a Flyer getting your voice heard. This has been provided as a WORD file so you can edit local details into it.

DOCX Flyer getting your voice heard
Microsoft Word 2007 file - 194 kb
Downloaded: 333 times
Uploaded: 2014-09-24 17:55:48
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What are we checking? Power point slides

Powerpoint slides for use in discussing ratings for the Self-Assessed items with self-advocates and carers.

PPTX What are we checking
Microsoft Powerpoint 2007 file - 1 Mb
Downloaded: 664 times
Uploaded: 2014-09-24 17:57:28
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Self-assessment form

Please find below the Microsoft Excel form for sending your data about the learning disabilities self-assessment to the learning disabilities observatory. We had hoped it would be possible to provide an online facility but this has proved impossible this year.

Please return only one form per local authority to ldsaf@phe.gov.uk. Please do not send separate spreadsheets for different parts of your service as we will not be able to amalgamate these.

LD SAF 2014 returns spreadsheet

LD SAF 2014 returns spreadsheet

XLSX LD SAF 2014 returns spreadsheet
Microsoft Excel 2007 file - 141 kb
Downloaded: 699 times
Uploaded: 2014-12-16 16:41:43
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LD SAF 2014 v1.2

This version of the self assessment form has removed the glitch which affects the "completeness" status for some of the questions. Some sections were indicating they were incomplete when all of the questions in the section had been answered.

XLSX Ld saf 2014 v1.2
Microsoft Excel 2007 file - 147 kb
Downloaded: 538 times
Uploaded: 2015-01-05 09:24:13
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Likely appearance of the data entry website

We provided the following files as screendumps of the website we hoped to use for data entry. We are leaving these in place as many people requested a word copy of the questions. (In response to requests for copies of 'The Form' (see QandA page, Governance and Information section, Q1). The website will not however by used. As we said when we posted them, you cannot use this file for sending data to us. We will only be able to accept data submitted in the spreadsheet supplied above.

Likely website appearance
No current version available.
2 archived versions
Likely LD SAF website appearance. Microsoft Word format

Likely LD SAF website appearance. Microsoft Word format

DOCX Ld saf 2014 likely website appearance Microsoft Word format
Microsoft Word 2007 file - 320 kb
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Uploaded: 2014-11-05 15:41:20
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1 archived version