Further to Sir Robert’s ruling dated 25 September 2015, a number of documents which were previously published on the Inquiry’s website have since been redacted or removed from the website in accordance with that ruling.

This evidence section provides an index to all documents called during the course of open hearings, except where there is a legal reason which prohibits publication. Any additional documentation adduced into evidence prior to completion of the Chairman’s report is also published here on the same basis.

The section provides links to complete documents referred to during open hearings. Links available from the hearings section of the website provide access only to those pages within a document which were shown to the witness. Therefore, if you wish to follow what a witness saw and answered questions about during the oral hearings, please use the links from the hearings section. If you wish to see complete documents, use the links from the index below.

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The credit is to read:    Litvinenko Inquiry – www.litvinenkoinquiry.org

Lextranet Reference (start)
Lextranet Reference (end)
Document Date
Date(s) Called
BER000011BER000059Witness statement of Boris Berezovsky22/01/200916/03/2015
BER000060BER000083Witness statement of Boris Berezovsky17/10/200916/03/2015
BER000167BER000193Witness statement of Alexander Litvinenko31/07/200316/03/2015
Witness statement of Claire Gill
BER001297BER001308Witness statement of Claire Gill26/10/201116/03/2015
BER002587BER002596Claim declaration by Alexander Litvinenko in Moscow Garrison Military Court 16/03/2015
BER002661BER002664Kommersant article 'Failed Assassination of Berezovsky'13/11/199802/02/2015
BER002720BER002720Statement by Alexander Litvinenko to the General Prosecutor19/06/200016/03/2015
BER002726BER002733Letter on behalf of Alexander Litvinenko to the European Court of Human Rights19/08/200016/03/2015
Complaint by Walter Litvinenko to Prosecutor General
BER002750BER002753Complaint declaration by Walter Litvinenko to Defence Attorney Mikhail Marov11/01/200103/02/2015; 16/03/2015
BER002755BER002764Statement by Alexander Litvinenko regarding Gusak24/01/200116/03/2015
Memo from Walter Litvinenko to Mikhail Marov
BER002805BER002816NTV transcript 'A Typically English Murder'02/03/200710/03/2015
BLK000001BLK000001Coroner's Interim Certificate of the Fact of Death09/02/200727/01/2015; 28/01/2015
BLK000049BLK000052US Embassy cable 'Spain's investigations into the Russian mafia'31/08/200917/03/2015
US embassy cable 'Andrei Lugovoi gets new job in Russia's parliament'
BLK000065BLK000066Moscow Times article 'Barsukov Handed 14 Years for Fraud'13/11/2009
Amnesty International article 'Russian Federation: Amnesty International's concerns and recommendations in the case of Mikhail Trepashkin'
BLK000080BLK000097BBC Radio File on 4 transcript 'Russian Deaths'06/02/200718/03/2015
BBC News article 'Russia behind Chechen murder'
BBC News article 'Russian deputy shot dead'
Daily Mail article 'Revealed: Poisoned ex-Russian spy Litvinenko was a paid up MI6 agent'
BLK000126BLK000127FBI story 'Top Ten Fugitives: Semion Mogilevich'21/10/200917/03/2015
Hudson Institute article 'Who Killed Alexander Litvinenko?'
BLK000134BLK000137Information Liberation article 'The Kremlin Pedophile' by Alexander Litvinenko05/07/200602/02/2015
Extract from book 'Mafia State'
Extract from book 'The KGB's Poison Factory'
Select Committee report 'Bilateral UK-Russia relationship'
Extract from book 'Putin's Militocracy'
The Guardian article 'Austrian police investigate Kremlin link to Chechen dissident's murder'
The Guardian article 'Chechen separatist allegedly targeted by president says he feels safe in UK'
The Guardian article 'MI5 warns of plot to assassinate Chechen refugee in UK'
BBC News article 'Russia's poisoning 'without a poison'
BLK000235BLK000240Excerpts from 'Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia?' by Karen Dawisha30/09/201417/03/2015
Remarks Prepared for Delivery by Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey on International Organized Crime at the Center for Strategic and International Studies
BLK000253BLK000269Excerpts from 'Gang from Lubyanka' by Alexander Litvinenko with translations by Alex Goldfarb30/09/200203/02/2015
BLK000270BLK000276Extracts from 'Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia' by Karen Dawisha 30/09/201417/03/2015
BLK000279BLK000475Alexander Litvinenko asylum claim documents16/03/2015
COM00002001COM00002013Decision to bring a new charge against Alexander Litvinenko18/03/2002
COM00003001COM00003012Judgment in the name of the Russian Federation against Alexander Litvinenko25/06/2002
COM00010001COM00010006Interview of Aleksander Litvinenko02/02/201202/02/2015
COM00011001COM00011012Interview of Walter Litvinenko18/09/201217/03/2015; 28/07/2015
COM00012001 COM00012012Interview of Maxim Litvinenko
Russian investigation report
Russian investigation report
Inspection of aircraft
Letter re. aircraft contamination
Measurement protocol
Aircraft investigation report
Radiation survey certificate
COM00046001COM00046009Report on Examination of Boeing 737-400 aircraft No. EI-DDK at Domodedovo Airport21/12/200611/02/2015; 30/03/2015
COM00094001COM00094005Results of medical tests for Po-210 contamination of Mario Scaramella 27/02/200725/02/2015
COM00181001COM00181019Report on Po-210 contamination of Dmitri Kovtun19/06/200703/03/2015
COM00182001COM00182017Report on Po-210 contamination of Andrey Lugovoy19/06/200703/03/2015
COM00198001COM00198012Inspection Results of Transaero aircraft06/12/200611/02/2015
COM00199001COM00199008Transaero passenger lists and tickets06/10/200611/02/2015
Russian report on radiation inspection
HMG000075HMG000075Letter from Seymour Menzies to the Home Office22/03/2002
HMG000076HMG000076Letter from S.N. Lebedev, External Intelligence Service RF to Sergei Nikolaevich16/03/2002
HMG000077HMG000077Letter from N.P. Patrushev, Federal Security Service RF to Nikolaj Platonovich16/03/2002
HMG000078HMG000079Letter from M.A. Marov to George Menzies03/05/200216/03/2015
HMG000080HMG000083Information on Rakhimov Gafur and his criminal contacts
HMG000084HMG000087Information regarding security agency ‘Stells’
HMG000088HMG000090Fax dated 2 July 1999 (in Russian)02/07/1999
HMG000091HMG000091Print out from ‘security club’ website (in Russian)31/07/2001
HMG000092HMG000092Letter from ‘Robert’ to George Menzies03/01/2001
HMG000093HMG000096Letter from Mikhail Trepashkin to Boris Yeltsin05/05/1997
HMG000097HMG000103Request from Mikhail Trepashkin to Moscow Garrison Court Martial29/04/1997
HMG000104HMG000105Report from A.V. Skyrabin to FSB Head A.I. Gusak20/01/1998
HMG000106HMG000107Report from Alexander Litvinenko to Vladimir Putin10/09/199816/03/2015
HMG000108HMG000108Report from Gusak to acting FSB head A.P. Kamyshnikov06/08/199816/03/2015
HMG000109HMG000114Request from Alexander Litvinenko to Y.G. Demin, Chief Military Prosecutor09/12/199816/03/2015
HMG000115HMG000116Complaint from Alexander Litvinenko to Y.G. Demin, Chief Military Prosecutor06/10/199816/03/2015
HMG000117HMG000119Request from Alexander Litvinenko to Judge N.S. Kuznetsova28/02/199916/03/2015
HMG000120HMG000120Complaint from Walter Litvinenko to Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation10/11/200016/03/2015
HMG000121HMG000121Statement from Alexander Litvinenko to V.V. Ustinov, General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation19/06/2000
HMG000122HMG000122Request from Sergei Mikhailov to V.V. Ustinov, General Prosecutor of the Russian Federation08/06/200003/02/2015; 16/03/2015
HMG000123HMG000125Complaint from lawyer, G.B. Antonov, on behalf of A.N. Gavrikov, to Russian Prosecutor07/06/2000
HMG000126HMG000126Request from A.N. Gavrikov to Minister of Interior of the Russian Federation08/06/200016/03/2015
HMG000127HMG000127Directive to release detainee A.N. Gavrikov08/06/200016/03/2015
HMG000128HMG000128Medical certificate for A.N. Gavrikov09/06/200016/03/2015
HMG000129HMG000129Medical certificate for A.N. Gavrikov09/06/200016/03/2015
HMG000130HMG000132Complaint from V.I. Kiselyova to Attorney General of the Russian Federation13/12/1999
HMG000133HMG000142Statement by Alexander Litvinenko regarding Gusak24/01/2001
HMG000143HMG000170‘The Uzbek file’16/03/2015
HMG000175HMG000186The Sunday Times article 'Britain's Most Wanted'25/11/200710/02/2015; 10/03/2015
HMG000214HMG000214The Sunday Telegraph article 'I was obstructed at the table...'15/07/2007
HMG000215HMG000220Russia Today interview 'Key Russian witness gives his account of Litvinenko case'02/03/200710/03/2015
HMG000232HMG000239Ekho Moskvy interview 'Key Witness in Litvinenko Murder gives interview to Russian Radio'23/02/200710/02/2015; 10/03/2015
HMG000240 (*240-241)
Extract from FCO annual report on Human Rights
HMG000240 (*275-280)
Extract from FCO annual report on Human Rights
HMG000305HMG000305Letter from the Home Office to Seymour Menzies solicitors11/11/200203/02/2015
HMG000306HMG000306Letter from the Home Office to Seymour Menzies solicitors22/04/200203/02/2015
HMG000307HMG000307Letter from Seymour Menzies solicitors to the Home Office 22/03/200203/02/2015; 17/03/2015
HMG000308HMG000309Letter from Seymour Menzies solicitors to Lunar House14/10/200203/02/2015
HMG000311HMG000312BBC2 Newsnight transcript 'Poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko'08/02/200716/03/2015
HMG000353HMG000356Ekho Moskvy interview 'Litvinenko's former boss in Russian FSB expands on his BBC interview'08/02/200717/03/2015
HMG000358HMG000385Official Russian comments on Litvinenko poisoning09/01/200711/03/2015; 17/03/2015
Email re. Lugovoy press conference
Email re. media and official reactions to Litvinenko poisoning
HMG000464HMG000464The Times article 'Russian murder suspect claims he was framed by British Government' 30/08/200710/03/2015
HMG000466HMG000466ITAR-TASS report 'Russian Suspect Describes BBC Litvinenko Murder Theory as 'absurd''26/11/200710/03/2015
HMG000467HMG000468ITAR-TASS report 'Russian suspect says Litvinenko murder British Secret Services' greatest failure'22/11/200710/03/2015
HMG000481HMG000490Chechenpress interview with Alexander Litvinenko07/07/200516/03/2015
Note on 'The death of Mr Alexander Litvinenko'
HMG000507HMG000512BBC1 Panorama transcript 'Assassination of Alexander Litvinenko'23/01/200710/03/2015
HMG000513HMG000520BBC Radio 4 transcript 'The Litvinenko Mystery' 18/12/200612/03/2015
HMG000523HMG000528BBC2 Newsnight transcript 'Alexander Litvinenko'08/07/200816/03/2015
INQ001515INQ001536Vladimir Terluk and Boris Berezovsky in the Court of Appeal, Judgment15/12/201110/02/2015; 10/03/2015
INQ001788INQ001841Witness statement of Andrey Lugovoy04/03/201103/02/2015; 10/02/2015; 10/03/2015; 16/02/2015; 17/02/2015; 27/02/2015
INQ001842INQ001856Witness statement of Andrey Lugovoy26/10/201127/01/2015; 10/03/2015
INQ001859INQ001860Article 'Boris Berezovsky: The West is bewildered' (English) 25/11/2010
INQ001861INQ001866Article 'Boris Berezovsky: The West is bewildered' (Russian) 25/11/2010
INQ001867INQ001868Declaration by Andrey Lugovoy (English)23/11/2006
INQ001869INQ001869Declaration by Andrey Lugovoy (Russian)23/11/2006
INQ001870INQ001872Article 'Strange stroll around Hyde Park that went nowhere' (English)03/12/200616/03/2015
INQ001873INQ001874Article 'Strange stroll around Hyde Park that went nowhere' (Russian)03/12/2006
INQ001875INQ001877Article 'Boris Berezovsky: Putin behind plot to kill me' (English)19/07/2007
INQ001878INQ001879Article 'Boris Berezovsky: Putin behind plot to kill me' (Russian)19/07/2007
INQ001880INQ001880Extract from 'The Terminal Spy' p.420 (English)
INQ001881INQ001881Extract from 'The Terminal Spy' p.420 (Russian)
INQ001884INQ001885Article 'Russians are paying Litvinenko suspect's legal fees, says widow... My husband was British spy'16/10/2011
INQ001886INQ001906Transcript of press conference of Lugovoy and Kovtun (English) 31/05/200710/02/2015; 16/02/2015; 27/02/2015; 10/03/2015
INQ001907INQ001920Transcript of press conference of Lugovoy and Kovtun (Russian) 31/05/2007
INQ002058INQ002059Declaration by Andrey Lugovoy24/11/200610/03/2015; 11/02/2015; 23/02/2015; 26/02/2015
INQ002060INQ002061Report by Brian Tarpey regarding meeting with Dmitri Kovtun
INQ002062INQ002066Notes from meeting with Otvodov by Oliver Gadney10/03/2015
INQ002076INQ002091Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 1 of 1818/11/200603/02/2015; 04/02/2015
INQ002197INQ002208Interview of Boris Berezovsky 1 of 424/11/200610/03/2015; 16/03/2015
INQ002209INQ002238Interview of Boris Berezovsky 2 of 424/11/200616/03/2015
INQ002239INQ002264Interview of Boris Berezovsky 3 of 424/11/200616/03/2015
INQ002265INQ002284Interview of Boris Berezovsky 4 of 424/11/200616/03/2015
INQ002433INQ002449Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 2 of 1818/11/200604/02/2015
INQ002450INQ002469Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 3 of 1818/11/200603/02/2015; 04/02/2015
INQ002470INQ002487Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 4 of 1818/11/200603/02/2015; 04/02/2015; 10/02/2015
INQ002696INQ002697Declaration by Dmitri Kovtun24/11/200610/02/2015; 10/03/2015; 11/02/2015
INQ002698INQ002709Summary of interview of Andrey Lugovoy11/12/200610/03/2015; 17/02/2015
INQ002710INQ002719Summary of interview of Dmitri Kovtun06/12/200610/03/2015
INQ002726INQ002737Original Notes from interview with Dmitri Kovtun by Oliver Gadney06/12/2006
INQ002822INQ002823Witness statement of Jarno Maatta22/11/200611/02/2015
INQ002837INQ002837Witness statement of Nigel Hodgson20/11/200611/02/2015; 17/02/2015
INQ002838INQ002849Witness statement of Daniel Quirke04/01/200716/02/2015
INQ002850INQ002851Witness statement of Spencer Scott09/12/200611/02/2015
INQ002858INQ002858Witness statement of Paul Fitzgerald15/12/2006
INQ002859INQ002859Witness statement of John Blisey09/01/200711/02/2015
INQ002860INQ002864Witness statement of Arkady Patarkatsishvili24/01/200710/02/2015
INQ002876INQ002877Witness statement of Stephen Simmons07/02/200711/02/2015
INQ002885INQ002888Witness statement of Goran Krgo05/12/200611/02/2015
INQ002895INQ002909Witness statement of Boris Berezovsky23/12/200616/03/2015
INQ002913INQ002914Witness statement of Julia Percy28/11/200610/02/2015
INQ002915INQ002915Witness statement of Andrea Furlai28/11/200611/02/2015
INQ002972INQ002979Witness statement of Tim Reilly29/11/200612/02/2015
INQ002980INQ002986Witness statement of Tim Reilly18/12/200612/02/2015
INQ003002INQ003009Witness statement of Dr Nathaniel Cary20/07/200728/01/2015
INQ003010INQ003019Witness statement of Alex Goldfarb27/11/200618/03/2015
INQ003059INQ003059Witness statement of Tom Upsdell29/11/200617/02/2015
INQ003067INQ003070Witness statement of Michael Fryer01/12/200617/02/2015; 23/02/2015
INQ003071INQ003075Witness statement of Alexander Tabunov22/11/2006
INQ003083INQ003085Witness statement of Andrew Henning07/12/200617/02/2015
INQ003087INQ003112Witness statement of Mario Scaramella05/12/2006
INQ003133INQ003134Witness statement of Jermaine Daniels19/12/200617/02/2015
INQ003136INQ003136Witness statement of Stefano Angelini20/12/200617/02/2015
INQ003137INQ003137Witness statement of Kieran Choi21/12/200617/02/2015
INQ003151INQ003151Witness statement of Rachel Webster11/01/200723/02/2015
INQ003187INQ003194Witness statement of Dr Benjamin Swift02/10/200728/01/2015
INQ003201INQ003203Witness statement of Jamie Francis03/03/201017/02/2015
INQ005970INQ005972Witness statement of Dean Attew23/11/200623/02/2015
INQ005973INQ005979Witness statement of Dean Attew12/12/200623/02/2015
INQ006067INQ006194Report by Professor Norman Dombey12/11/200711/03/2015
INQ006198INQ006198Photograph of Itsu with locations of Scaramella and Litvinenko marked25/02/2015
INQ006199INQ006199Plan of Itsu with locations of Scaramella and Litvinenko marked
INQ006200INQ006200Sheraton Park Lane Hotel reservation screen17/02/2015
INQ006201INQ006217Visa Application of Andrei Lugovoy10/02/2015
INQ006218INQ006234Visa Application of Dmitri Kovtun10/02/2015; 12/02/2015; 24/02/2015
INQ006239INQ006239Regency Hotel registration card31/10/200623/02/2015
INQ006274INQ006283Transaero flight manifest 16/10/200611/02/2015
INQ006284INQ006284Arrest Warrant for Andrey Lugovoy22/05/200710/02/2015
INQ006304INQ006304Arrest Warrant for Dmitri Kovtun04/11/201110/02/2015
INQ006330INQ006333Witness statement of Faik Faik30/07/200710/03/2015
INQ006339INQ006340Extract from diary of Dean Attew w/c 30 October 200610/10/200623/02/2015
INQ006344INQ006344Parkes Hotel Knightsbridge registration form17/10/200611/02/2015
INQ006345INQ006345Sheraton Park Lane Hotel breakfast receipt25/10/200617/02/2015
INQ006346INQ006346Sheraton Park Lane Hotel bar receipt26/10/200617/02/2015
INQ006347INQ006347Sheraton Park Lane Hotel breakfast receipt 27/10/200617/02/2015
INQ006349INQ006349Sheraton Park Lane Hotel bar receipt27/10/200617/02/2015
INQ006350INQ006350Sheraton Park Lane Hotel laundry list17/02/2015
INQ006352INQ006352Hawes and Curtis receipt27/10/200617/02/2015
INQ006353INQ006353Orange receipt27/10/200617/02/2015
INQ006355INQ006355Uniqlo receipt27/10/200617/02/2015
INQ006359INQ006359Big Bus Company receipt01/11/200626/02/2015
INQ006360INQ006360Abracadabra Hey Jo till receipt 18/10/2006
INQ006361INQ006361Abracadabra Hey Jo bill breakdown receipt18/10/2006
INQ006362INQ006362Abracadabra Hey Jo till receipt 18/10/2006
INQ006363INQ006363Abracadabra Hey Jo bill breakdown receipt18/10/2006
INQ006364INQ006364Dar Marraskesh receipt17/10/200611/02/2015
INQ006365INQ006365Caviar House and Prunier receipt18/10/200616/02/2015
INQ006366INQ006367Pescatori Restaurant reservations list16/10/200627/02/2015
INQ006372INQ006375London Ambulance Service form LA403/11/200627/02/2015
INQ006376INQ006386HSBC daily authorisation log for Itsu restaurant11/02/2015
INQ006387INQ006387OPNL Legs Report for BA 87403/11/200617/02/2015; 27/02/2015
INQ006388INQ006388OPNL Legs Report for BA 88110/11/200617/02/2015
INQ006389INQ006394Visitors record book 58 Grosvenor street17/02/2015; 24/02/2015
INQ006395INQ006395Sheraton Park Lane Hotel registration form25/10/2006
INQ006401INQ006401Gullivers Travel booking record for Best Western Hotel28/11/200611/02/2015
INQ006402INQ006402Extract from diary of Bruno Bonetti w/c 23 October 200626/10/200617/02/2015
INQ006403INQ006403London Chauffer Drive job booklet receipt26/10/2006
INQ006404INQ006405London Chauffer Drive duty sheet for 25-26 October 200625/10/200617/02/2015
INQ006409INQ006410Parkes Hotel receipt18/10/200611/02/2015
INQ006411INQ006419British Airways passenger details for Andrey Lugovoy17/02/2015
INQ006443INQ006447British Airways passenger details for Dmitri Kovtun
INQ006448INQ006453British Airways flight manifest for BA 87525/10/200617/02/2015
INQ006454INQ006458British Airways flight manifest for BA 87228/10/200617/02/2015
INQ006459INQ006462British Airways flight manifest for BA 88131/10/200623/02/2015
INQ006463INQ006470British Airways flight manifest for BA 87331/10/200623/02/2015
INQ006471INQ006476British Airways flight manifest for BA 87403/11/200627/02/2015
INQ006479INQ006479Gullivers Travel booking record for Best Western Hotel16/10/200611/02/2015
INQ006481INQ006488Victor Ivanov report19/09/200612/03/2015; 17/03/2015
INQ006489INQ006491Oyster Card data report20/11/200611/02/2015; 16/02/2015; 17/02/2015; 26/02/2015
INQ006492INQ006493Sheraton Park Lane Hotel information invoice27/11/200617/02/2015
INQ006652INQ006740Medical Notes from UCL Hospital02/03/2015
INQ006741INQ006868Barnet General Hospital Medical File02/03/2015
INQ007475INQ007476Witness statement of Mark Maberly08/12/200611/02/2015
INQ007478INQ007515Witness statement of A118/01/200728/01/2015
INQ007516INQ007522Witness statement of A118/04/200728/01/2015
INQ007523INQ007526Witness statement of A104/05/200704/03/2015
INQ007527INQ007530Witness statement of A112/01/2010
INQ007577INQ007578Witness statement of A415/01/200717/02/2015
INQ007594INQ007597Witness statement of A319/01/200717/02/2015
INQ007608INQ007611Witness statement of Malcolm Wilson17/03/200717/02/2015
INQ007618INQ007619Witness statement of Malcolm Wilson23/04/200723/02/2015
INQ007620INQ007631Witness statement of Dr Nick Gent17/04/200703/03/2015
INQ007632INQ007632Witness statement of Dr Nick Gent17/04/2007
INQ007632INQ007632Witness statement of Dr Nick Gent17/04/2007
INQ007633INQ007641Witness statement of Dr John Harrison26/04/200703/03/2015
INQ007642INQ007646Witness statement of Dr John Harrison27/10/201003/03/2015
INQ007647INQ007655Witness statement of Dr John Harrison27/10/2010
INQ007647INQ007655Witness statement of Dr John Harrison27/10/2010
INQ007656INQ007663Witness statement of Dr John Harrison27/10/201003/03/2015
INQ007670INQ007670Witness statement of Suzanne Rex09/05/200726/02/2015
INQ007734INQ007736Witness statement of Richard Hall10/10/2008
INQ007747INQ007748Witness statement of Mike Potter10/03/201017/02/2015
INQ007749INQ007749Witness statement of Ken Crawley08/05/201217/02/2015
INQ007750INQ007751Witness statement of Nicolas Monaglio26/11/200617/02/2015
INQ007752INQ007752Draft Report on contamination at British Embassy Moscow
INQ007753INQ007753Clinical timeline for Alexander Litvinenko13/04/200603/03/2015
INQ007754INQ007754Contamination survey report for British Airways Boeing 767 G BNWX at Heathrow Airport29/11/200617/02/2015
INQ012404INQ012407Spiegel article 'Walking Dirty Bomb Tells of London Meetings'11/12/200610/03/2015; 11/02/2015
INQ012408INQ012409The Telegraph article 'I'm being set-up, says ex-KGB man'24/11/200610/03/2015
INQ012410INQ012411News article 'Witness says poisoned former Russian spy was contaminated earlier'13/12/200610/03/2015
INQ012417INQ012420The Telegraph article 'Andrei Lugovoi, playboy at heart of Russia row'21/07/200710/03/2015
INQ012421INQ012431RT article 'Andrey Lugovoy, a former KGB officer'02/08/200710/03/2015
INQ012433INQ012439RT article 'Press conference of Dmitry Kovtun and Andrey Lugovoy'29/08/200710/03/2015
INQ012445INQ012448BBC2 This World article 'Who is Andrei Lugovoi?'25/11/200710/03/2015
INQ012449INQ012454The Guardian article 'Prime Suspect'21/05/200810/03/2015
INQ012455INQ012456The Telegraph article 'Alexander Litvinenko murder suspect says traitors should be exterminated'15/12/200810/03/2015
INQ012457INQ012457The Voice of Russia article 'Kovtun and Lugovoi speak about Litvinenko case'17/11/200910/03/2015
INQ012458INQ012460The Guardian article 'Andrei Lugovoi: I will never stand trial in Britain for Litvinenko poisoning'12/10/201010/03/2015
INQ012468INQ012470BBC News article 'Chief suspect in Litvinenko killing speaks out'08/09/201110/03/2015
INQ012479INQ012481The Telegraph article 'Alexander Litvinenko may have committed suicide...'14/10/201110/03/2015
INQ012482INQ012484RT article 'Lugovoy points to possible killers of Litvinenko'23/10/201110/03/2015
INQ012488INQ012489The Voice of Russia article 'Verdict - not guilty'25/04/201210/03/2015
INQ012508INQ012512The New York Times article 'Russian's Account Clouds a Poisoning Mystery'18/03/200710/03/2015
INQ012674INQ012675Witness statement of Veronica Farrar08/01/200726/02/2015
INQ013553INQ013561Witness statement of Yuri Shvets08/11/200723/02/2015
INQ013782INQ013783Email from Mario Scaramella to Alexander Litvinenko 06/11/200625/02/2015
INQ013784INQ013785Email from Evgueni Limarev to Mario Scaramella 30/10/200625/02/2015; 30/03/2015
INQ013786INQ013786Emails between Alexander Litvinenko and Mario Scaramella25/10/200625/02/2015
INQ013787INQ013807Security report on Dmitri Kovtun and Andrey Lugovoy at Gatwick Airport16/10/200611/02/2015; 24/02/2015
INQ013811INQ013813Witness statement of Brian Kelly05/01/200726/02/2015
INQ014287INQ014287Witness statement of Oliver Gadney18/06/200710/03/2015
INQ014291INQ014299Witness statement of Stuart Black29/08/2012
INQ014304INQ014366HSBC bank statements for Mr and Mrs Litvinenko13/12/200602/02/2015
AGF/1 Order by FSB Counter Intelligence Service (Russian original)
AGF/1T Order by FSB Counter Intelligence Service (English translation)
AGF/2 Google map showing locations in Russia
AGF/3 Trip assignment document (Russian original)
AGF/3T Trip assignment document (English translation)
AGF/4 Consignment coupon
AGF/5 Waybill for material transfers (Russian original)
AGF/5T Waybill for material transfers (English translation)
AGF/6 Russian document downloaded
AGF/7 Order by FSB Counter Intelligence Service (Russian original)
AGF/7T Order by FSB Counter Intelligence Service (English translation)
AGF/8 Order by FSB Counter Intelligence Service (Russian original)
AGF/8T Order by FSB Counter Intelligence Service (English translation)
INQ014629INQ014631Statement by Walter Litvinenko30/11/200617/03/2015
INQ014629 INQ014631Statement of Walter Litvinenko30/11/200628/07/2015
INQ014658INQ014658Witness statement of A112/01/2010
INQ014774INQ014786Witness statement of Dr John Harrison27/10/201003/03/2015
INQ014853INQ014854Witness statement of Richard Hall10/10/200830/03/2015
INQ014879INQ014883Interview of Dmitri Kovtun19/07/201310/03/2015
INQ014928INQ014937Draft statement by Alexander Litvinenko11/10/200316/03/2015
INQ014961INQ015000HPA Joint Report 'Mr Litvinenko: Estimated radiation doses and expected health effects following intake of Polonium-210'26/04/200703/03/2015
INQ015087INQ015087OPNL Legs report for BA 873 31/10/200617/02/2015; 23/02/2015
INQ015088INQ015088OPNL Legs report for BA 881 31/10/200617/02/2015; 23/02/2015
INQ015089INQ015089Note regarding Russian oil relations12/02/2015
INQ015093INQ015093Sketch plan by Yaragi Abdul27/02/2015
INQ015239INQ015239Seating plan of Pine Bar21/11/200726/02/2015
INQ015241INQ015241Plan of Pine Bar26/02/2015
INQ015344INQ015344Millennium Hotel Pine Bar receipt01/11/200626/02/2015
INQ015366INQ015367Email from Mikhail Trepashkin to Alexander Litvinenko12/10/200203/02/2015
INQ015374INQ015375Witness statement of A126/09/2013
INQ015541INQ015547GP medical notes for Alexander Litvinenko02/02/2015; 28/01/2015
INQ015548INQ015550Guys & St Thomas' Poisons Unit Medical Referral Record14/11/200602/03/2015; 10/03/2015
INQ015558INQ015561Document 'Story 1' from Salambek to Litvinenko03/02/2015
INQ015572INQ015573Note from Mikhail Trepashkin to Alexander Litvinenko12/10/200203/02/2015
INQ015576INQ015579Email from Mikhail Trepashkin to Alexander Litvinenko12/10/2002
INQ015581INQ015583Email from Mikhail Trepashkin to Alexander Litvinenko 12/10/200217/03/2015
INQ015603INQ015613Abridged transcript of Barrie Penrose and John Coates interview with Alexander Litvinenko22/08/200516/03/2015
INQ015618INQ015638Witness statement of Alexander Litvinenko12/10/200316/03/2015
INQ015639INQ015644US embassy cable 'Russia is virtual 'mafia state,' says Spanish investigator'02/12/201017/03/2015
INQ015647INQ015652Witness statement of Yuri Shvets 18/04/201323/02/2015
INQ015658INQ015667Witness statement of Paolo Guzzanti 01/11/201325/02/2015; 30/03/2015
INQ015669INQ015671Affidavit by Alexander Litvinenko and confirmation by Michael Cotlick11/04/200616/03/2015
INQ015674INQ015677Novaya Gazeta report 'Litvinenko asked Lugovoy to make a dossier on the Kremlin's Topping' 24/05/200712/03/2015
Report by Yuri Shvets regarding Igor Sechin
INQ015714INQ015714Statement by Evgueni Limarev13/11/2004
INQ015726INQ015730Kuchma recordings17/03/2015
INQ015734INQ015756Report on Alexei Gordeyev 16/02/2015
INQ015757INQ015775Text from emails attributed to Evgueni Limarev18/12/200625/02/2015
INQ015777 – Part 1

INQ015777 – Part 2
INQ015777Polygraph video Pre-Test 209/03/2015
INQ015778INQ015778Polygraph video Test 109/03/2015
INQ015779INQ015779Polygraph video Test 209/03/2015
INQ015780INQ015780Polygraph video The verdict 09/03/2015
INQ015781 – Part 1

INQ015781 – Part 2
INQ015781Polygraph video Pre-Test 109/03/2015
INQ015782INQ015790Correspondence with the International Atomic Energy Agency11/03/2015
INQ015791INQ015792Correspondence with the International Atomic Energy Agency09/05/201211/03/2015
INQ015801INQ015810Witness statement of Keith Hunter05/12/201309/02/2015; 16/02/2015
INQ015897INQ015913Witness statement of David Nicholson01/04/201411/03/2015
INQ015914INQ015915Witness statement of David Nicholson 01/04/201411/03/2015
INQ015916INQ016011Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 201011/03/2015
INQ016012INQ016075Radioactive Substances Act 1993 11/03/2015
INQ016076INQ016083Example of type of registration and conditions for keeping (and) use of PO210 sources as issued under RSA93 11/03/2015
INQ016084INQ0160862005 Directions of Secretary of State 22/03/200511/03/2015
INQ016087INQ016090Radioactive Substances (Storage in Transit) Exemption Order 196211/03/2015
INQ016091INQ016094Radioactive Substances (Waste Closed Sources) Exemption Order 196311/03/2015
INQ016095INQ016102Council Directive 2003/122 EURATOM11/03/2015
INQ016103INQ016113High-activity Sealed Radioactive Sources and Orphan Sources Regulations 2005 11/03/2015
INQ016114INQ016120HASS (England) Directions 200511/03/2015
INQ016121INQ016131HASS (Wales) Directions 200511/03/2015
INQ016132INQ016133Notice of Cancellation of a Registration15/09/200811/03/2015
INQ016134INQ016142Spreadsheet from EA database 11/03/2015
INQ016143INQ016155Analysis of data contained in DN/12 11/03/2015
INQ016156INQ016162Council Regulation (EURATOM) 1493/9311/03/2015
INQ016163INQ016175Transfrontier Shipment of Radioactive Waste Regulations 199311/03/2015
INQ016176INQ016194Transfrontier Shipment of Radioactive Waste and Spent Fuel Regulations 2008 11/03/2015
INQ016195INQ016198Sealed Sources (England) Direction 2009 and Sealed Sources (Wales) Direction 2009 16/04/200911/03/2015
INQ016199INQ016261Schedule 23 of EPR 2010 11/03/2015
INQ016266INQ016267Witness statement of Tim Reilly 17/07/200712/02/2015
INQ016297INQ016297Witness statement of Andrew Henning 10/01/200717/02/2015
INQ016304INQ016307Witness statement of Daniel Quirke19/09/201216/02/2015
INQ016326INQ016326Witness statement of Jermaine Daniels 02/01/200717/02/2015
INQ016327INQ016327Witness statement of Nigel Hodgson 27/11/200611/02/2015
INQ016371INQ016372Witness statement of Boris Berezovsky26/11/200610/02/2015; 16/03/2015; 27/02/2015
INQ016403INQ016434Witness statement of A1 26/06/201304/03/2015
INQ016435INQ016436Witness statement of A103/07/2013
INQ016438INQ016438Witness statement of Dr Nick Gent22/05/2013
INQ016438INQ016438Witness statement of Dr Nick Gent 22/05/2013
INQ016439INQ016446Witness statement of Michael Cotlick23/05/2013
INQ016447INQ016447Witness statement of Steve Challice30/04/201203/02/2015
INQ016457INQ016461Witness statement of David Barlow18/11/201311/03/2015
INQ016464INQ016470Extracts from notebook at 25 Grosvenor Street12/02/2015
Panorama article 'Today's Russia is the same as yesterday's'
Certificate of discharge from military service
INQ016515INQ016525Letter from Metropol Bank regarding Andrey Lugovoy31/10/200624/02/2015
INQ016528INQ016537Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 5 of 1818/11/200603/02/2015; 04/02/2015; 26/02/2015
INQ016538INQ016548Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 6 of 1818/11/200604/02/2015; 26/02/2015
INQ016549INQ016558Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 7 of 1818/11/200604/02/2015
INQ016559INQ016569Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 8 of 1818/11/200604/02/2015
INQ016570INQ016581Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 9 of 1818/11/200604/02/2015; 17/02/2015; 26/02/2015; 27/01/2015
INQ016582INQ016592Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 10 of 1819/11/200604/02/2015; 27/01/2015
INQ016593INQ016603Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 11 of 1819/11/200604/02/2015; 26/02/2015; 27/01/2015
INQ016604INQ016614Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 12 of 1819/11/200604/02/2015; 17/02/2015
INQ016615INQ016626Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 13 of 1819/11/200604/02/2015; 17/02/2015
INQ016627INQ016637Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 14 of 1820/11/200604/02/2015
INQ016638INQ016641Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 15 of 1820/11/200604/02/2015
INQ016642INQ016651Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 16 of 1820/11/200604/02/2015; 27/01/2015
INQ016652INQ016660Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 17 of 1819/11/200603/02/2015; 04/02/2015; 27/01/2015
INQ016661INQ016664Interview of Alexander Litvinenko 18 of 1820/11/200604/02/2015
INQ016745INQ016755PHE Joint Report 'The evidence for the use of Polonium-210 to poison Mr Litvinenko'05/02/201403/03/2015; 04/03/2015
INQ016762INQ016762Witness statement of Michael Cotlick20/07/201016/03/2015
INQ016781INQ016781Diagram of layout of Pine Bar
INQ016782INQ016788Flight manifest for Transaero Airlines flight UN33316/10/2006
INQ016789INQ016796Transcript of The Sunday Times interview with Alexander Litvinenko03/02/2015; 04/02/2015
INQ016801INQ016801Appendix 1 to Report by Dr Stuart Black
INQ016802INQ016808Report by Dr Stuart Black, appendix 203/03/2015
INQ016809INQ016815Photographs of black t-shirt 16/03/2015
INQ016821INQ016839Affidavit by Yuri Shvets05/08/200312/03/2015; 19/03/2015
INQ017226INQ017226Photograph of Itsu with location of Mario Scaramella marked25/02/2015
INQ017227INQ017227Photograph of Itsu with location of Alexander Litvinenko marked25/02/2015
INQ017228INQ017228Plan of Itsu ground floor with locations marked09/03/2015; 25/02/2015
INQ017231INQ017231The Big Bus Company list of transactions01/11/200626/02/2015
INQ017245INQ017245Record of purchase at Caviar House and Prunier18/10/200616/02/2015
INQ017246INQ017246Pescatori Restaurant receipt16/10/200611/02/2015
INQ017269INQ017292Joint Paper 'Polonium 210 as a poison'06/03/200703/03/2015
INQ017378INQ017378Sketch plan of office of Dr Alex Shadrin at 25 Grosvenor Street 01/11/200604/03/2015; 24/02/2015
INQ017379INQ017379Sketch plan of office of Dr Alex Shadrin at 25 Grosvenor Street 02/11/200604/03/2015; 24/02/2015
INQ017384INQ017398The Uzbek File 17/03/2015
INQ017399INQ017399Statement by Alexander Litvinenko21/11/200603/02/2015; 04/02/2015; 05/02/2015; 27/01/2015
INQ017419INQ017420Millennium Hotel records for Andrey Lugovoy23/02/2015; 26/02/2015
INQ017423INQ017423Millennium Hotel records for Viacheslav Sokolenko
INQ017458INQ017458Email from Evgueni Limarev to Mario Scaramella31/10/200625/02/2015; 30/03/2015
INQ017459INQ017460Text of an email 'G/Guy-Car: Security' with handwritten additions10/02/200625/02/2015
INQ017461INQ017539CCTV precis of movements 31 October - 3 November 2006
INQ017548INQ017578Witness statement of Alex Goldfarb20/05/201318/03/2015
INQ017579INQ017594Interview of Boris Berezovsky 1 of 630/03/200711/02/2015; 16/03/2015
INQ017595INQ017610Interview of Boris Berezovsky 2 of 630/03/200716/03/2015
INQ017611INQ017630Interview of Boris Berezovsky 3 of 630/03/200716/03/2015
INQ017631INQ017646Interview of Boris Berezovsky 4 of 630/03/200716/03/2015
INQ017647INQ017662Interview of Boris Berezovsky 5 of 630/03/200716/03/2015
INQ017663INQ017667Interview of Boris Berezovsky 6 of 630/03/200716/03/2015
INQ017668 INQ017670Witness statement of Maxim Litvinenko10/12/200628/07/2015
INQ017676INQ017677Extract diary of Dean Attew w/c 26 June 200630/06/200623/02/2015
INQ017678INQ017679Extract diary of Dean Attew w/c 20 November 200621/11/200623/02/2015
INQ017680INQ017680Target Practice video03/02/2015
INQ017681INQ017681Frontline Club video03/02/2015; 17/03/2015
INQ017683INQ017683El Pais article 'Two protected mafia bosses' 06/07/200817/03/2015
INQ017684INQ017689El Pais article 'If someone has caused the Russian state serious damage, they should be exterminated' 14/12/200810/02/2015; 10/03/2015
El Pais article 'Litvinenko gave hints about the Russian mafia in Spain'
INQ017728INQ017730Polygraph chart24/04/201209/03/2015
INQ017731INQ017733Representation of teapot by A1
INQ017734INQ017768Witness statement of Marina Litvinenko 27/03/201303/02/2015
INQ017773INQ017774Witness statement of Tristam Burgess 16/07/201409/03/2015
INQ017779INQ017808Polygraph transcript24/04/201209/03/2015
INQ017809INQ017899Telephone Call Schedules11/02/2015; 12/02/2015; 12/03/2015; 16/02/2015; 17/02/2015; 27/01/2015; 27/02/2015; 28/01/2015
INQ017900INQ0179053D model images showing contamination at Itsu restaurant04/03/2015; 11/02/2015; 25/02/2015; 26/02/2015
INQ017906INQ0179103D model images showing contamination at Millennium Hotel, Room 38204/03/2015
INQ017911INQ0179163D model images showing contamination at Millennium Hotel, Pine Bar04/03/2015; 27/01/2015; 28/01/2015
INQ017917INQ0179213D model images showing contamination at Sheraton Hotel, Room 84804/03/2015; 17/02/2015; 28/01/2015
INQ017922INQ0179253D model images showing contamination at 25 Grosvenor Street, 4th Floor09/02/2015; 11/02/2015; 12/02/2015; 23/02/2015; 27/01/2015
INQ017926INQ0179303D model images showing contamination at Best Western Hotel, Room 10704/03/2015; 11/02/2015; 27/01/2015
INQ017931INQ0179333D model images showing contamination at Best Western Hotel, Room 30804/03/2015; 11/02/2015; 27/01/2015
INQ017934INQ018198Radiation Schedules04/03/2015; 11/02/2015; 12/03/2015; 16/02/2015; 17/02/2015; 26/02/2015; 27/02/2015
INQ018199INQ018215Ekho Moskvy interview with Andrey Lugovoy 24/11/200610/03/2015; 26/02/2015; 27/01/2015
INQ018220INQ018228Sheraton Park Lane Hotel floor plans17/02/2015
INQ018234INQ018234Pescatori Restaurant reservation list02/11/200611/02/2015; 27/02/2015
INQ018235INQ018242Maps showing locations of interest06/01/201523/02/2015; 24/02/2015; 26/02/2015
INQ018243INQ018251Maps showing movements of Alexander Litvinenko on 1 November 200606/01/201526/02/2015
INQ018252INQ018266Maps showing movements of Andrey Lugovoy and Dmitri Kovtun on 1 November 200606/01/201526/02/2015
INQ018349INQ018350Table of media articles referred to by DI Craig Mascall27/01/201510/03/2015
INQ018352INQ018354The Sunday Telegraph article 'Litvinenko's widow denies MI6 link' 28/10/200702/02/2015
INQ018413INQ018416The Sunday Times article 'Poisoned: spy who quit Russia for Britain' 19/11/200603/02/2015
Witness statement of Yuli Dubov
INQ018675INQ018675Witness statement of Tim Reilly18/06/201312/02/2015
Reply to Italian letter of request
Schedule of harassment of Alexander Litvinenko's relatives
INQ018911INQ018915VNS interview with Alexander Litvinenko 'Russia-Ukraine conflict...like a Scythe against a stone'16/03/2015
INQ018921INQ018921Statement by Alexander Litvinenko regarding Ponkin 08/07/200316/03/2015
INQ018922INQ018925Letter regarding Mitrokhin Dossier, signed by Alexander Litvinenko18/03/2015
Letter from Embassy of the Russian Federation Consular Department to the Solicitor
INQ018946INQ018961Witness statement of Alex Goldfarb22/12/201417/03/2015
Letter from Embassy of the Russian Federation Consular Department to the Solicitor
INQ018981INQ018986Report on Igor Shuvalov
INQ018987INQ018988Seating plan of conference room at 25 Grosvenor Street, 4th floor04/03/2015; 12/02/2015
INQ018989INQ018998Statement by Alexander Litvinenko regarding Gusak24/01/200123/02/2015
INQ018999INQ018999Photograph taken at Berezovsky's 60th birthday party10/02/2015; 17/03/2015
INQ019022INQ019022Witness statement of Dr Nick Gent16/12/201403/03/2015
INQ019023INQ019024Witness statement of Bruce Burgess21/10/2014
INQ019030INQ019030Witness statement of Dr Rebecca Hatjiosif17/12/2014
INQ019031INQ019053Report by Professor Ray Bull04/12/2014
INQ019054INQ019138Report by Professor Ray Bull, Reference Documents09/03/2015
INQ019146INQ019176Report by Professor Robert Service08/01/201519/03/2015
INQ019194INQ019194Times article 'Licence to Kill' 11/07/200617/03/2015; 27/01/2015
INQ019195INQ019195Page of handwritten notes23/05/201316/03/2015
INQ019202INQ019207FCO emails regarding Transaero flight11/02/2015
INQ019212INQ019214Search book for BA aircraft29/11/200617/02/2015
INQ019215INQ019233Operation Whimbrel Moscow Team Log of Events10/03/2015
INQ019235INQ019235Boris Berezovsky drawing of office27/02/2015
INQ019238INQ019246Report on contamination monitoring of BA plane seats conducted at Blackwood02/12/200617/02/2015
INQ019248INQ019249Witness statement of Simon Cashin26/11/200626/02/2015
INQ019254INQ019257Witness statement of A101/01/2015
INQ019258INQ019265Witness statement of Dr John Harrison19/12/201403/03/2015
INQ019266INQ019267Witness statement of Alan Hodgson03/04/201016/02/2015
INQ019269INQ019276Witness statement of Simon Martin18/12/201412/03/2015
Sketch plan of ground floor office at 58 Grosvenor Street
INQ019280INQ019280Drawing of office of Dr Alex Shadrin at 25 Grosvenor Street04/03/2015; 24/02/2015
INQ019290INQ019290OPNL Legs Report for BA 875 25/10/200617/02/2015
INQ019291INQ019291OPNL Legs Report for BA 872 28/10/200617/02/2015
INQ019296 – Part 1

INQ019296 – Part 2

INQ019296 – Part 3

INQ019296 – Part 4

INQ019296 – Part 5

INQ019296 – Part 6

INQ019296 – Part 7

INQ019296 – Part 8

INQ019296 – Part 9

INQ019296 – Part 10

INQ019296 – Part 11

INQ019296 – Part 12

INQ019296 – Part 13

INQ019296 – Part 14

INQ019296 – Part 15

INQ019296 – Part 16

INQ019296 – Part 17

INQ019296 – Part 18

INQ019296 – Part 19
INQ019296CCTV footage01/11/200626/02/2015
INQ019297INQ019297Scientific graphs28/01/2015
INQ019298INQ019298Final photograph of Alexander Litvinenko04/02/2015
INQ019299INQ019299Photograph of Alexander Litvinenko in hospital bed05/02/2015
INQ019300INQ019300Photograph taken at Berezovsky's 60th birthday party10/02/2015
INQ019301INQ019303Document 'Events Timeline'09/02/2015
INQ019304INQ019310Document 'Information' 09/02/2015
INQ019311INQ019347Cell Site combined data17/02/2015
INQ019348INQ019372Cell Site analysis report18/07/200816/02/2015
INQ019375INQ019376Document 'Previous founders' re Eugene Boujele Vine LLC
INQ019377INQ019378Document 'Previous founders' re Eugene Boujele Vine LLC
INQ019379INQ019379Document 'Discharge Summary' re Konstantin Lugovoy27/02/2015
INQ019380INQ019380Document 'Discharge Summary' re Konstantin Lugovoy27/02/2015
INQ019381INQ019381Document 'Discharge Summary' re Andrey Lugovoy 27/02/2015
INQ019382INQ019382Document 'Discharge Summary' re Andrey Lugovoy27/02/2015
INQ019383INQ019390Documents regarding investigation, medical history and indictment of Mr Lugovoy 27/02/2015
INQ019391INQ019398Documents regarding investigation, medical history and indictment of Mr Lugovoy 27/02/2015
INQ019399INQ019399Photograph of Laundry Room at Sheraton Hotel Piccadilly17/02/2015
INQ019400INQ019400Photograph of Laundry Room at Sheraton Hotel Piccadilly17/02/2015
INQ019436INQ019436Sketch Plan of Pine Bar26/02/2015
INQ019460INQ019462Repubblica article 'The 'professor' and the KGB spies. The role of Scaramella the Italian'22/11/200618/03/2015; 25/02/2015
INQ019463 INQ019464Statement of Maxim Litvinenko16/10/200628/07/2015
INQ019473INQ019600Interviews of Alexander Litvinenko by Mario Scaramella18/03/2015
INQ019605INQ019623List of Questions for Dmitri Kovtun10/03/2015
INQ019624INQ019647List of Questions for Andrey Lugovoy10/03/2015
Letter from British Embassy Tel Aviv to FCO London
INQ019685INQ019687Additional Questions for Andrey Lugovoy
INQ019688INQ019709Proposed witness statement of Dmitri Kovtun10/03/2015
INQ019831INQ019833Notes by Oliver Gadney10/03/2015
INQ019834INQ019838Notes by Oliver Gadney
INQ019855INQ019859Emails and handwritten note from Evgueni Limarev25/02/2015; 30/03/2015
Kommersant 'target practice' photo
INQ019863INQ019883Photographs of Millennium Hotel26/02/2015
INQ019884INQ019884Document from Mario Scaramella regarding emergency contacts
INQ020022INQ020029Report by Tristam Burgess07/02/201509/03/2015
INQ020031INQ020043Supplementary Report by Professor Norman Dombey24/02/201511/03/2015
INQ020044INQ020050Telephone call data 31 October - 3 November 200626/02/2015; 27/02/2015
Partnership for Global Security webpages
INQ020207INQ020207Angus Steak House receipt01/11/2006
INQ020208INQ020208Angus Steak House receipt01/11/2006
INQ020209INQ020209Photograph of Andrey Lugovoy and Dmitri Kovtun at press conference26/02/2015
INQ020210INQ020211Exhibit registers and plan of 7 Down Street, 2nd floor 27/02/2015
INQ020213INQ020216Table by A1
INQ020222INQ020222Autoradiograph of one strand of hair03/03/2015
INQ020239INQ020243Witness statement of Tristam Burgess 22/11/201209/03/2015
INQ020263INQ020263Witness statement of Steve Walker04/02/201530/03/2015
INQ020265INQ020272Article by James Matte 'Psychological Structure and Theoretical Concept of the Backster Zone Comparison Technique' 09/03/2015
INQ020273INQ020273Autoradiograph of one strand of hair12/03/2015
INQ020281INQ020304CV of Professor Ray Bull 09/03/2015
Biography of Ambassador Grigory Berdennikov
Rosatom webpage
INQ020308INQ020309Polygraph charts with handwritten calculations24/04/201209/03/2015
INQ020310INQ020310Overview of Partnership for Global Security11/03/2015
Reuters article 'Russia's Putin honors suspect in Litvinenko poisoning'
INQ020313INQ020313Reuters article 'Russia's Putin honors suspect in Litvinenko poisoning'09/03/201510/03/2015
INQ020314INQ020314Sputnik article 'Litvinenko murder suspect confirms plans to stand for election'16/09/200710/03/2015
INQ020316INQ020322Supplemental Report by Professor Robert Service04/03/201519/03/2015
INQ020342INQ020343The Washington Post article 'Poisoning of Ex-Agent Sets Off Alarm Bells'07/01/200711/03/2015
INQ020345INQ020345Table of Boris Berezovsky documents to be adduced as evidence16/03/2015
INQ020347INQ020348Table of Alexander Litvinenko documents to be adduced as evidence16/03/2015
INQ020874INQ020877thekomisarscoop 'Poisoned Russian linked to investigation of possible bribes by ex-Yukos official'27/12/200616/03/2015
INQ020904INQ020928Documents relating to Mario Scaramella's appointments and qualifications18/03/2015
INQ020935INQ020940US Treasury press release 'Treasury Sanctions Russian Officials'17/03/2015
INQ020941INQ020941Photograph of Mr Zolotov with Mr Putin18/03/2015; 19/03/2015
INQ020942INQ020942Photograph of Mr Zolotov with Mr Kumarin and Mr Smirnov18/03/2015; 19/03/2015
INQ020946INQ020947Independent article 'What happened to the other man who took tea with Alexander Litvinenko'13/03/201518/03/2015
INQ020948INQ020948Photograph of Mr Zolotov at Roman Tsepov's funeral18/03/2015; 19/03/2015
RT News article 'London Court cynically used as mouthpiece for circulating falsehoods'
INQ020971 INQ020976Maxim Litvinenko application for political asylum (Italian)28/07/2015
INQ020996 INQ020997Maxim Litvinenko application for political asylum (English)28/07/2015
INQ020998INQ020998Corrections to report by Professor Service19/03/201519/03/2015
Information request from Professor Dombey to Sellafield
Fax from NCIS to Home Office enclosing Met Police Information Report
NRC review of report of missing static eliminators
EPA Office of Radiological Protection document re. McGhan Ltd & Teradyne Ireland Ltd
ENS event notification re. Medtronic in Minnesota
Letter from Philip Dunne (MoD) to Sir Menzies Campbell
INQ021060 INQ021062Information Report for Mr Voronoff28/07/2015
INQ021066 INQ021078Continental Petroleum Limited report on operations23/08/200628/07/2015
INQ021092 INQ021094Plan for Kavaler negotiations28/07/2015
INQ021099 INQ021103Letter from Aliens Department 16/06/200728/07/2015
INQ021152 INQ021163Letter from Dmitri Kovtun12/05/201528/07/2015
INQ021176 INQ021177Sibir project plan28/07/2015
INQ021180 INQ021187Information Report for Dr Shadrin28/07/2015
INQ021208 INQ021219Witness statement of Dmitri Kovtun02/06/201528/07/2015
INQ022256INQ022257Witness statement of Nathan Taylor20/03/2015
INQ022258INQ022263Witness statement of A3112/05/2015
INQ022370 INQ022371Witness statement of Marina Litvinenko01/06/2015
INQ022384 INQ022386Witness statement of Alexander Shadrin24/06/201528/07/2015
Chelsea Mad webpage 'Chelsea v CSKA Moscow head-to-head record'
Clarets Mad webpage 'Chelsea v Spartak Moscow head-to-head record'
INQ022399INQ022422Expert Report by Drew Holiner04/08/2015
INQ022423INQ022432Witness statement of A126/09/2015
INQ022433INQ022447Statement by Professor Norman Dombey
LUG000045LUG000063Medical records and inspection reports regarding Mario Scaramella25/02/2015
LUG000092LUG000095Statement by Alexander Litvinenko regarding Prodi13/01/200416/03/2015

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Expert Scientific Evidence

Lextranet Reference (start)
Lextranet Reference (end)
Document Date
Date(s) called
INQ007478INQ007515Witness statement of A118/01/200728/01/2015
INQ007516INQ007522Witness statement of A118/04/200728/01/2015
INQ007523INQ007526Witness statement of A104/05/200704/03/2015
INQ007527INQ007530Witness statement of A112/01/2010
INQ014658INQ014658Witness statement of A112/01/2010
INQ016403INQ016434Witness statement of A126/06/201304/03/2015
INQ016435INQ016436Witness statement of A103/07/2013
INQ015374INQ015375Witness statement of A126/09/2013
INQ019254INQ019257Witness statement of A101/01/2015
INQ022423INQ022432Witness statement of A126/09/2015
INQ020213INQ020216Table by A1
INQ019297INQ019297Scientific graphs by A128/01/2015
INQ017731INQ017733Representation of teapot by A1
INQ020222INQ020222Autoradiograph of one strand of hair by A103/03/2015
INQ020273INQ020273Autoradiograph of one strand of hair by A112/03/2015
INQ007633INQ007641Witness statement of Dr John Harrison26/04/200703/03/2015
INQ007642INQ007646Witness statement of Dr John Harrison27/10/201003/03/2015
INQ007647INQ007655Witness statement of Dr John Harrison27/10/2010
INQ007656INQ007663Witness statement of Dr John Harrison27/10/201003/03/2015
INQ014774INQ014786Witness statement of Dr John Harrison27/10/201003/03/2015
INQ019258INQ019265Witness statement of Dr John Harrison19/12/201403/03/2015
INQ007620INQ007631Witness statement of Dr Nick Gent17/04/200703/03/2015
INQ007632INQ007632Witness statement of Dr Nick Gent17/04/2007
INQ016438INQ016438Witness statement of Dr Nick Gent22/05/2013
INQ019022INQ019022Witness statement of Dr Nick Gent16/12/201403/03/2015
INQ007753INQ007753Clinical timeline by Dr Nick Gent13/04/200603/03/2015
INQ014291INQ014299Witness statement of Stuart Black29/08/2012
INQ016801INQ016801Appendix 1 to report by Dr Stuart Black
INQ016802INQ016808Appendix 2 to report by Dr Stuart Black03/03/2015
INQ017269INQ017292Joint Paper 'Polonium 210 as a poison'06/03/200703/03/2015
INQ014961INQ015000HPA Joint Report 'Mr Litvinenko: Estimated radiation doses and expected health effects following intake of polonium-210'26/04/200703/03/2015
INQ016745INQ016755PHE Joint Report 'The evidence for the use of Polonium-210 to poison Mr Litvinenko'05/02/201403/03/2015; 04/03/2015

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