Further to Sir Robert’s ruling dated 25 September 2015, some parts of the hearing transcripts which were previously published on the Inquiry’s website in full have since been redacted in accordance with that ruling.

Public hearings took place in court 73 at the Royal Courts of Justice in London [map] between 27 January and 30 March 2015; the hearings recommenced on 24 July and ended on 31 July 2015. Seating for the media and the public was available in court 73 and also in an annex in court 66 at the Royal Courts of Justice. The seating plan (PDF) for court 73 illustrates how seats in the hearing room were allocated to witnesses, counsel, solicitors, core participants, the public and the media.

Sir Robert Owen granted screening to a very small number of witnesses when they presented their evidence. When these witnesses gave their evidence court 73 was closed to media representatives and the public. Proceedings continued to be followed in the annex in court 66 which carried the audio feed and transcripts were made available as normal.

The Chairman directed that transcripts of proceedings in open court should be published on this website. The transcripts for each session are set out below together with links to documentary evidence shown in the course of the day’s proceedings. This section provides access only to those pages within documents which were shown to the witness. Therefore, if you wish to follow what a witness saw and answered questions about during the oral hearings, please use these links. If you wish to see complete documents, use the links from the evidence section of the website.

Reproduction & Copyright

The Chairman has no objection to the evidence posted here being reproduced. If an issue arises in relation to copyright in any such material, it should be a matter for consideration by the legal adviser to the organisation wishing to use the material. If any evidence is published by an organisation, credit should be given to the inquiry’s website so that it is clear that it has been adduced in open hearings as part of the inquiry’s proceedings.

The credit is to read:    Litvinenko Inquiry – www.litvinenkoinquiry.org

Date of Hearing
Transcript of Hearing

Evidence Called
21 Jan 2016Closing statement by Sir Robert Owen
31 Jul 2015Day 34
Closing submissions
• Mr Ben EMMERSON QC (Marina and Anatoly Litvinenko)
• Mr Robin TAM QC (The Inquiry)
• Closing statement by the Chairman
Marina and Anatoly Litvinenko Closing Submissions
30 Jul 2015Day 33
Closing submissions
• Mr Richard HORWELL QC (Metropolitan Police Service)

Metropolitan Police Service Closing Submissions
28 Jul 2015Day 32
Evidence of Dmitri Kovtun
• Video-link from Moscow with Mr KROMM
• Statement by the Chairman
• Mr Dmitri KOVTUN (read)
• C2 (read)
• Mrs Marina LITVINENKO (read)
German evidence
• Detective Chief Inspector Mike JOLLY (sworn)
• Mrs Inna HOHNE (read)
• Mrs Elenora WALL (read)
• Mrs Marina WALL (read)
Evidence of Maxim and Walter Litvinenko
• Mr Maxim LITVINENKO (read)
• Mr Walter LITVINENKO (read)
INQ002696 (Kovtun declaration)
INQ021152 (Kovtun letter to the Solicitor to the Inquiry)
INQ021176 (Sibir project plan)
INQ021180 (Report for Dr Shadrin)
INQ021060 (Report for Mr Voronoff)
INQ021066 (CPL report on operations)
INQ021092 (Plan for Kavaler negotiations)
INQ021099 (Letter from Aliens Dept)
INQ021208 (Kovtun statement)
INQ022384 (Dr Shadrin statement)
INQ019463 (Maxim Litvinenko statement)
INQ017668 (Maxim Litvinenko statement)
COM00012001 (Maxim Litvinenko interview)
INQ020971 (Maxim Litvinenko asylum application - Italian)
INQ020996 (Maxim Litvinenko asylum application - English)
INQ014629 (Walter Litvinenko statement)
COM00011001 (Walter Litvinenko interview)

Council to the Inquiry's explanation noting why German evidence will not be posted on the website can be found in the Day 30 transcript (Page 23, line 6)
27 Jul 2015Day 31
Discussion re: procedural matters
• Submission by Mr Ben EMMERSON QC
• Submission by Mr Richard HORWELL QC

24 Jul 2015Day 30
German evidence
• D6
• D3 (read)
• D7 (read)
Discussion re legal matters
Council to the Inquiry's explanation noting why the German evidence will not be posted on the website can be found in the Day 30 transcript (Page 23, line 6)
30 Mar 2015Day 29
Working with Alexander Litvinenko
Contact with Andrey Lugovoy
• Ms Elena TREGUBOVA (read)
INQ013784 (E. Limarev email)
INQ017458 (E. Limarev email)
INQ019858 (E. Limarev email)
INQ015662 (P. Guzzanti statement)
INQ014853 (R. Hall statement)
COM00046001 (Boeing 737 EI-DDK)
INQ020263 (S. Walker statement)
19 Mar 2015Day 28
Expert evidence on modern Russian history
• Professor Robert SERVICE
INQ019146 (expert report)
INQ020316 (supplemental report)
INQ020998 (report corrections)
INQ016821 (Y. Shvets statement)
INQ016836 (Y. Shvets affidavit)
INQ020948 (Zolotov photo)
INQ020941 (Zolotov photo)
INQ020942 (Zolotov photo)
18 Mar 2015Day 27
Theories regarding responsibility for Alexander Litvinenko's death
INQ019460 ('professor and the KGB')
INQ020904 (Scaramella
appointments & qualifications)
INQ019473 (Scaramella AL interviews)
INQ018922 (AL Mitrokhin letter)
BLK000080 ('File on 4' transcript)
INQ003019 (A. Goldfarb statement)
INQ017567 (A. Goldfarb statement)
INQ020941 (Zolotov photo)
INQ020942 (Zolotov photo)
INQ020948 (Zolotov photo)
17 Mar 2015Day 26
Theories regarding responsibility for Alexander Litvinenko's death
• Mr Vladimir BUKOVSKY
• Mr Akhmed ZAKAYEV
INQ014629 (W. Litvinenko statement)
COM00011001 (W. Litvinenko interview)
COM00011004 (W. Litvinenko interview)
COM00011011 (W. Litvinenko interview)
INQ017384 (The Uzbek file)
INQ020935 (US Treasury press notice)
INQ015726 (The Kuchma tapes)
INQ015728 (The Kuchma tapes)
INQ015729 (The Kuchma tapes)
BLK000126 (FBI 10 Most Wanted)
BLK000235 ('Putin's Kleptocracy')
BLK000238 ('Putin's Kleptocracy')
BLK000270 ('Putin's Kleptocracy')
BLK000274 ('Putin's Kleptocracy')
INQ006481 (Ivanov Report)
INQ017683 ('two protected mafia')
BLK000049 (US embassy cables)
INQ015639 (US embassy cables)
INQ015581 (M. Trepashkin email)
HMG000353 (A. Gusak radio interview)
HMG000358 (official Russian comments)
HMG000360 (official Russian comments)
HMG000307 (AL solicitor letter)
INQ019194 ('Licence to Kill')
INQ018946 (A. Goldfarb statement)
INQ018999 (photo colour)
INQ017681 (Frontline Club video)
16 Mar 2015Day 25
Information regarding Boris Berezovsky
• Mr Boris BEREZOVSKY (read)
• Mr Michael COTLICK
Interactions with Alexander Litvinenko
INQ020347 (AL documents)
INQ020345 (B. Berezovsky documents)
INQ016762 (M. Cotlick statement)
INQ019195 (handwritten note)
INQ016809 (t-shirt photos)
BER001305 ('final interview of poisoned spy')
INQ001870 ('strange stroll around Hyde Park')
BER001300 ('I can blackmail them')
BER001303 ('Revealed: blackmail plot')
INQ020874 (The Komisar Scoop)
INQ020875 (The Komisar Scoop)
12 Mar 2015Day 24
German phone calls
• C2
Working with Alexander Litvinenko
• Mr Yuri SHVETS
INQ017935 (monitored scenes)
INQ018078 (radiation schedule)
INQ018084 (radiation schedule)
INQ018088 (radiation schedule)
INQ018083 (radiation schedule)
INQ018086 (radiation schedule)
INQ017886 (telephone schedule)
INQ020273 (hair autoradiograph)
INQ019269 (S. Martin statement)
INQ019273 (S. Martin statement)
INQ015674 (Novaya Gazeta report)
HMG000514 ('Litvinenko Mystery' transcript)
INQ006481 (Ivanov report)
INQ016836 (Y. Schvets affidavit)
11 Mar 2015Day 23
Production & Regulation of Polonium 210
• Professor Norman DOMBEY
• Mr David BARLOW
Working with Alexander Litvinenko
INQ006067 (Prof Dombey report)
INQ006073 (Prof Dombey documents)
INQ020031 (supplementary report)
INQ020037 (supplementary documents)
INQ020310 (Partnership for Global Security)
INQ020342-3 ('Poisoning of ex-agent')
HMG000358 (Official Russian comments)
HMG000367 (Official Russian comments)
INQ015897 (D. Nicholson statement)
INQ015914 (D. Nicholson statement)
INQ016134 (EA spreadsheet)
INQ016457 (D. Barlow statement)
INQ015791 (IAEA correspondence)
INQ015782 (IAEA correspondence)
10 Mar 2015Day 22
Police interviews of Andrey Lugovoy and Dmitri Kovtun in Russia
• Mr Clive TIMMONS
• Mr Brian TARPEY
• Mr Alan SLATER
INQ015548 (Guys & St Thomas' record)
INQ006330 (F. Faik statement)
INQ001842 (Lugovoy statement)
INQ001788 (Lugovoy statement)
INQ001808 (Lugovoy statement)
INQ014879 (Kovtun interview)
INQ019215 (police team log)
INQ019624 (interview questions)
INQ019625 (interview questions)
INQ019688 (interview questions)
INQ019689 (interview questions)
INQ019709 (interview questions)
INQ019605 (interview questions)
INQ019613 (interview questions)
INQ002060 (interview report)
INQ002061 (interview report)
INQ002062 (interview report)
INQ002698 (interview summary)
INQ002710 (interview report)
INQ019831 (interview report)
INQ014287 (O. Gadney statement)
INQ002058 (Lugovoy declaration)
INQ002696 (Kovtun declaration)
INQ001515 (Terluk judgment)
INQ001886 (press conference)
INQ012433 (press conference)
INQ020314 ('suspect to stand for election')
INQ020313 ('Putin honours suspect')
INQ018199 (Ekho Moskvy interview)
INQ017684 (El Pais interview)
INQ012457 (Voice of Russia interview)
INQ012468 ('Chief suspect speaks out')
INQ012445 ('Who is Lugovoy')
HMG000466 (ITAR-TASS report)
INQ018349 (list of media articles)
9 Mar 2015Day 21
Polygraph evidence
• Mr Bruce BURGESS
• Mr Tristram BURGESS
• Professor Ray BULL
INQ020274 (B. Burgess website)
INQ020275 (T. Burgess website)
INQ015781 pre-test 1a (video)
INQ015781 pre-test 1b (video)
INQ015777 pre-test 2a (video)
INQ015777 pre-test 2b (video)
INQ015778 test 1 (video)
INQ015779 test 2 (video)
INQ015780 verdict (video)
INQ017779 (polygraph transcript)
INQ017228 (polygraph chart)
INQ020308 (polygraph results)
INQ020264 (Baxters entrance)
INQ020265 (James Matte article)
INQ020242 (T. Burgess statement)
INQ017774 (T. Burgess statement)
INQ020022 (T. Burgess report)
INQ020281 (Prof Bull CV)
INQ019054 (Prof Bull Documents)
4 Mar 2015Day 20
Scientific evidence
• A1
INQ016745 (joint experts' report)
INQ017934 (radiation schedule full)
INQ019280 (Dr Shadrin office plan)
INQ017378 (Dr Shadrin office plan)
INQ017379 (Dr Shadrin office plan)
INQ018987 (Erinys seating plan)
INQ017926 (Best Western 107)
INQ017931 (Best Western 308)
INQ017900 (Itsu restaurant)
INQ017917 (Sheraton Hotel 848)
INQ017906 (Millennium Hotel 382)
INQ017915 (Pine Bar)
INQ016418 (A1 statement)
INQ007524 (A1 statement)
3 Mar 2015Day 19
Scientific evidence
• Dr Nicholas GENT
• Dr Stuart BLACK
INQ016745 (joint experts' report)
INQ014961 (joint report 1)
INQ017269 (joint report 2)
INQ007633 (Dr Harrison statement)
INQ007642 (Dr Harrison statement)
INQ020222 (hair radiograph)
COM00181001 (Russian Kovtun report)
COM00182001 (Russian Lugovoy report)
INQ007753 (Dr Gent timeline)
INQ014785 (Dr Gent statement)
INQ019022 (Dr Gent statement)
INQ016746 (Dr Black report)
INQ016807 (Dr Black report)
2 Mar 2015Day 18
Alexander Litvinenko's treatment in hospital
• Dr Andres VIRCHIS
• Ms Gemma TROUT
• Ms Valentina MICHENINA
• Professor John HENRY (read)
• Mr James DOWN (read)
INQ006741 (Barnet Hospital file)
INQ006652 (UCL Hospital file)
27 Feb 2015Day 17
Evidence about the latter part of 1 November 2006
• Mr Nikolai GLUSHKOV
• Mr Yaragi ABDUL
• Ms Julia COLE (read)
• Ms Emma SCHOFIELD (read)
• Mr Nicholas BAXTER (read)
INQ019235 (BB office plan)
INQ020211 (BB office plan)
INQ016371 (B. Berezovsky statement)
INQ001809 (Lugovoy statement)
INQ001896 (press conference)
INQ001886 (press conference)
INQ019379 (K. Lugovoy discharge)
INQ019380 (KL discharge Russian)
INQ019382 (Lugovoy discharge Russian)
INQ019381 (Lugovoy discharge)
INQ019391 (Lugovoy records Russian)
INQ019383 (Lugovoy records)
INQ020047 (telephone schedule)
INQ020049 (telephone schedule)
INQ020050 (telephone schedule)
INQ018158 (Silver Mercedes)
INQ018159 (140 Osier Crescent)
INQ018160 (140 Osier Crescent)
INQ018161 (140 Osier Crescent)
INQ018162 (140 Osier Crescent)
INQ018166 (140 Osier Crescent)
INQ018167 (140 Osier Crescent)
INQ018176 (140 Osier Crescent)
INQ018177 (140 Osier Crescent)
INQ018178 (140 Osier Crescent)
INQ018179 (140 Osier Crescent)
INQ017987 (Pescatori restaurant)
INQ017988 (Pescatori restaurant)
INQ017989 (Pescatori restaurant)
INQ017992 (Pescatori restaurant)
INQ018234 (Pescatori reservation)
INQ006366 (Pescatori reservation)
INQ006387 (BA OPNL leg)
INQ006471 (BA flight manifest)
INQ018181 (BA aircraft)
INQ018182 (BA aircraft)
INQ018184 (BA aircraft)
INQ018185 (BA aircraft)
INQ015093 (Al-Hamra plan)
INQ006372 (ambulance report)
26 Feb 2015Day 16
Evidence about 1 November 2006
• Mr Noberto ANDRADE
• Mr Vladimir VORONKOV
Clip 1 (cctv)
Clip 2 (cctv)
Clip 4 (cctv)
Clip 6 (cctv)
Clip 7 (cctv)
Clip 8 (cctv)
Clip 10 (cctv)
Clip 11 (cctv)
Clip 12 (cctv)
Clip 13 (cctv)
INQ015344 (Pine Bar receipt)
INQ018237 (London map)
INQ018254 (Millennium Hotel map)
INQ018256 (Millennium Hotel plan)
INQ018255 (Millennium Hotel reception)
INQ019863 (Millennium photo)
INQ019864 (Millennium photo)
INQ019865 (Millennium photo)
INQ019436 (Pine Bar plan)
INQ019873 (Pine Bar photo)
INQ019874 (Pine Bar photo)
INQ019876 (Pine Bar photo)
INQ015239 (Pine Bar sketch)
INQ015241 (Pine Bar sketch)
INQ017419 (Millennium Hotel log)
INQ013811 (B. Kelly statement)
INQ013812 (B. Kelly statement)
INQ020046 (telephone log)
INQ020047 (telephone log)
INQ018144 (Germanwings aircraft)
INQ012674 (V. Farrar statement)
INQ012675 (V. Farrar statement)
INQ006359 (Big Bus Co. receipt)
INQ017231 (Big Bus Co. record)
INQ017984 (Dr Shadrin office)
INQ016528 (AL interview)
INQ016538 (AL interview)
INQ016570 (AL interview)
INQ016593 (AL interview)
INQ006489 (Oyster record)
INQ006491 (Oyster record)
INQ019248 (S. Cashin statement)
INQ007670 (S. Rex statement)
INQ018146 (St James' market stall)
INQ018143 (Thistle Hotel)
INQ018147 (Wardour Street cafe)
INQ018246 (AL Mayfair map)
INQ018247 (AL Mayfair map)
INQ017903 (Itsu restaurant)
INQ002058 (Lugovoy declaration)
INQ018199 (Ekho Moskvy interview)
INQ020209 (press conference photo)
25 Feb 2015Day 15
Events of 31 October - 3 November 2006
• Mr Evgueni LIMAREV
INQ017459 ('G/Guy: Car' email)
INQ013784 ('MS / PG (2)' email)
INQ017458 ('MS / PG (3)' email)
INQ013782 (MS / AL email)
INQ019858 ('MS / PG (3)' Limarev email)
INQ019859 ('MS / PG (2)' Limarev email)
INQ013786 (MS / AL email)
INQ015774 ('E. Adamov - CIA' email)
INQ019460 ('professor and the KGB')
INQ017227 (Itsu photo)
INQ017226 (Itsu photo)
INQ017228 (Itsu plans)
INQ006198 (Itsu photo)
INQ017900 (Itsu restaurant)
INQ017903 (Itsu restaurant)
COM00094003 (M. Scaramella medical)
LUG000062 (M. Scaramella medical)
INQ015663 (P. Guzzanti statement)
24 Feb 2015Day 14
Events of 31 October - 3 November 2006
• Mr Vladimir VORONOFF
• Mrs Dariya DAVISON
• Dr Alexander SHADRIN
INQ006389 (58 G.S. visitors book)
INQ018239 (58 G.S. map)
INQ019280 (Dr Shadrin office plan)
INQ017378 (Dr Shadrin office plan)
INQ017379 (Dr Shadrin office plan)
INQ006232 (CPL Kovtun visa letter)
INQ013788 (Gatwick security report)
INQ013790 (Gatwick security photo)
INQ016515 (MB Lugovoy bank letter)
23 Feb 2015Day 13
Events of 31 October - 3 November 2006
• Mr Dean ATTEW
• Mr Alexander TABUNOV
• Mr Nikolay GOROKHOV
INQ015652 (Y. Shvets statement)
INQ013553 (Y. Shvets statement)
INQ013556 (Y. Shvets statement)
INQ017922 (25 Grosvenor Street)
INQ006339 (D. Attew diary)
INQ017676 (D. Attew diary)
INQ005978 (D. Attew statement)
INQ005971 (D. Attew statement)
INQ005973 (D. Attew statement)
INQ018240 (Piccadilly map)
INQ002058 (Lugovoy declaration)
INQ003067 (M. Fryer statement)
INQ006459 (BA flight manifest)
INQ006461 (BA flight manifest)
INQ006463 (BA flight manifest)
INQ006466 (BA flight manifest)
INQ006469 (BA flight manifest)
INQ015088 (BA OPNL leg)
INQ015087 (BA OPNL leg)
INQ003151 (R. Webster statement)
INQ006239 (Regency registration)
INQ018140 (radiation schedule)
INQ017419 (Millennium record)
INQ007618 (M. Wilson statement)
INQ018994 (radiation schedule)
17 Feb 2015Day 12
Events of 25-28 October 2006
• Mr Bruno BONETTI
INQ002698 (Lugovoy summary)
INQ001788 (Lugovoy statement)
INQ001809 (Lugovoy statement)
INQ003059 (T. Upsdell statement)
INQ003067 (M. Fryer statement)
INQ003083 (A. Henning statement)
INQ016297 (A. Henning statement)
INQ003201 (J. Francis statement)
INQ006402 (chauffeur diary)
INQ006404 (chauffeur duty sheet)
INQ006448 (BA flight manifest)
INQ006450 (BA flight manifest)
INQ006454 (BA flight manifest)
INQ006456 (BA flight manifest)
INQ019290 (BA OPNL leg)
INQ019291 (BA OPNL leg)
INQ015087 (BA OPNL leg)
INQ015088 (BA OPNL leg)
INQ006387 (BA OPNL leg)
INQ006388 (BA OPNL leg)
INQ019214 (aircraft search book)
INQ006345 (Sheraton receipt)
INQ006346 (Sheraton receipt)
INQ006347 (Sheraton receipt)
INQ006349 (Sheraton receipt)
INQ006200 (Sheraton reservation)
INQ006492 (Sheraton invoice)
INQ018220 (Sheraton plans)
INQ006350 (Sheraton laundry list)
INQ019399 (Sheraton laundry photo)
INQ019400 (Sheraton laundry photo)
INQ007749 (K. Crawley statement)
INQ007750 (N. Monaglio statement)
INQ017874 (telephone list)
INQ017876 (telephone list)
INQ019322 (cell sites map)
INQ002837 (N. Hodgson statement)
INQ007608 (M. Wilson statement)
INQ007611 (M. Wilson statement)
INQ007577 (A4 statement)
INQ006489 (Oyster record)
INQ003136 (S. Angelini statement)
INQ006352 (Hawkes & Curtis receipt)
INQ006355 (Uniqlo receipt)
INQ003137 (K. Choi statement)
INQ006389 (58 G.S. visitors book)
INQ006392 (58 G.S. visitors book)
INQ003133 (J. Daniels statement)
INQ016326 (J. Daniels statement)
INQ006353 (Orange receipt)
INQ007747 (M. Potter statement)
INQ007754 (BA boeing 767 G-BNWX)
INQ017934 (monitored scenes)
INQ018029 (radiation schedule)
INQ019238 (BA seats Blackwood)
INQ019242 (BA seats Blackwood)
INQ017917 (Sheraton Hotel 848)
INQ018033 (radiation schedule)
INQ018070 (radiation schedule)
INQ007594 (A3 statement)
INQ016606 (AL interview)
INQ016618 (AL interview)
INQ016575 (AL interview)
16 Feb 2015Day 11
Events of 16-18 October 2006 in London
• Mr Keith HUNTER
• Mr Daniel QUIRKE
• Mr Alexey VALUEV (read)
INQ015801 (K. Hunter statement)
INQ002838 (D. Quirke statement)
INQ016304 (D. Quirke statement)
INQ015734 (Gordeyev report)
INQ015735 (Gordeyev report)
INQ001808 (Lugovoy statement)
INQ001891 (press conference)
INQ006365 (Caviar House receipt)
INQ017245 (Caviar House receipt)
INQ006490 (Oyster record)
INQ017867 (telephone schedule)
INQ017868 (telephone schedule)
INQ018016 (radiation schedule)
INQ018018 (radiation schedule)
INQ018024 (radiation schedule)
INQ018025 (radiation schedule)
INQ018026 (radiation schedule)
INQ019356 (cell phones)
INQ019267 (A. Hodgson statement)
12 Feb 2015Day 10
Events of 16-18 October 2006 in London
• Ms Giuliana RONDONI
INQ015089 ('Russian Oil Relations')
INQ002980 (T. Reilly statement)
INQ002972 (T. Reilly statement)
INQ018675 (T. Reilly statement)
INQ016266 (T. Reilly statement)
INQ016464 (diary page)
INQ016466 (diary page)
INQ017866 (telephone schedule)
INQ018987 (Erinys seating plan)
INQ017922 (25 Grosvenor report)
INQ006232 (CPL Kovtun visa letter)
INQ006234 (Kovtun visa letter Russian)
11 Feb 2015Day 9
Events of 16-18 October 2006 in London
• DC Spencer SCOTT
• Mr Goran KRGO
COM00046001 (aircraft inspection)
COM00198001 (aircraft inspection)
COM00199004 (passenger ticket)
COM00199005 (passenger ticket)
INQ002058 (Lugovoy declaration)
INQ002696 (Kovtun declaration)
INQ002822 (J. Maatta statement)
INQ002837 (N. Hodgson statement)
INQ002851 (S. Scott statement)
INQ002859 (J. Blisey statement)
INQ002876 (S. Simmons statement)
INQ002885 (G. Krgo statement)
INQ002915 (A. Furlai statement)
INQ006274 (Transaero flight manifest)
INQ006344 (Parkes registration)
INQ006364 (Dar Marrakesh receipt)
INQ006386 (Itsu account)
INQ006401 (Best Western booking)
INQ006409 (Parkes receipt)
INQ006410 (Parkes receipt)
INQ006479 (Best Western booking)
INQ006490 (Oyster record)
INQ007475 (M. Maberly statement)
INQ012404 ('Walking Dirty Bomb')
INQ013790 (Gatwick security photo)
INQ016327 (N. Hodgson statement)
INQ017246 (Pescatori receipt)
INQ017581 (B. Berezovsky interview)
INQ017582 (B. Berezovsky interview)
INQ017859 (telephone schedule)
INQ017863 (telephone schedule)
INQ017865 (telephone schedule)
INQ017866 (telephone schedule)
INQ017867 (telephone schedule)
INQ017900 (Itsu restaurant)
INQ017922 (25 Grosvenor Street)
INQ017926 (Best Western 107)
INQ017931 (Best Western 308)
INQ017940 (radiation schedule)
INQ017941 (radiation schedule)
INQ017942 (radiation schedule)
INQ017943 (radiation schedule)
INQ017958 (radiation schedule)
INQ017962 (radiation schedule)
INQ017963 (radiation schedule)
INQ017967 (radiation schedule)
INQ017973 (radiation schedule)
INQ017976 (radiation schedule)
INQ017987 (radiation schedule)
INQ017993 (radiation schedule)
INQ017994 (radiation schedule)
INQ017995 (radiation schedule)
INQ018007 (radiation schedule)
INQ018027 (radiation schedule)
INQ018028 (radiation schedule)
INQ018234 (Pescatori reservation)
INQ019202 (Transaero emails)
10 Feb 2015Day 8
Background evidence concerning Andrey Lugovoy & Dmitri Kovtun
INQ018999 (photo colour)
INQ019300 (photo b&w)
HMG000175 ('Most Wanted')
HMG000232 (Ekho Moskvy interview)
INQ001515 (Terluk judgment)
INQ001516 (Terluk judgment)
INQ001525 (Terluk judgment)
INQ001531 (Terluk judgment)
INQ001788 (Lugovoy statement)
INQ001886 (press conference)
INQ001906 (press conference)
INQ002471 (AL interview 4 of 18)
INQ002472 (AL interview 4 of 18)
INQ002696 (Kovtun declaration)
INQ002860 (A. Patarkatsishvili)
INQ002862 (A. Patarkatsishvili)
INQ002863 (A. Patarkatsishvili)
INQ002913 (J. Percy statement)
INQ006201 (Lugovoy visa application)
INQ006218 (Kovtun visa application)
INQ006284 (Lugovoy arrest warrant)
INQ006304 (Kovtun arrest warrant)
INQ016371 (B. Berezovsky statement)
INQ016372 (B. Berezovsky statement)
INQ017684 (El Pais interview)
9 Feb 2015Day 7
Introductory evidence concerning Alexander Litvinenko's corporate security and investigations work
• Mr Garym EVANS
• Mr Cliff KNUCKEY (read)
• Mr John HOLMES
INQ015802 (K. Hunter statement)
INQ019301 ('Events Timeline')
INQ019304 ('Information')
INQ017924 (25 Grosvenor Street)
5 Feb 2015Day 6
General Background
• Mr George MENZIES
• Lord BELL
INQ017399 (AL statement)
INQ019299 (AL hospital photo)
4 Feb 2015Day 5
Alexander Litvinenko sick-bed statements
• Mr Brent HYATT
General Background
INQ019298 (AL last photo)
INQ002076 (AL interview 1 of 18)
INQ002433 (AL interview 2 of 18)
INQ002450 (AL interview 3 of 18)
INQ002470 (AL interview 4 of 18)
INQ016528 (AL interview 5 of 18)
INQ016538 (AL interview 6 of 18)
INQ016549 (AL interview 7 of 18)
INQ016559 (AL interview 8 of 18)
INQ016570 (AL interview 9 of 18)
INQ016582 (AL interview 10 of 18)
INQ016593 (AL interview 11 of 18)
INQ016604 (AL interview 12 of 18)
INQ016615 (AL interview 13 of 18)
INQ016627 (AL interview 14 of 18)
INQ016638 (AL interview 15 of 18)
INQ016642 (AL interview 16 of 18)
INQ016652 (AL interview 17 of 18)
INQ016661 (AL interview 18 of 18)
INQ017399 (AL statement)
INQ016789 (Sunday Times interview)
3 Feb 2015Day 4
Evidence of Marina Litvinenko
Alexander Litvinenko sick-bed statements
• Mr Brent HYATT
INQ017681 (Frontline Club video)
INQ017680 (Target Practice video)
INQ001808 (Lugovoy statement)
HMG000307 (solicitor letter)
HMG000306 (Home Office letter)
INQ015366 (M. Trepashkin email)
INQ015572 (M. Trepashkin email)
HMG000308 (solicitor letter)
HMG000305 (Home Office letter)
INQ016789 (Sunday Times interview)
INQ018414 ('Poisoned: spy')
INQ017399 (AL statement)
BLK000253 ('Gang from Lubyanka')
INQ017734 (Mrs Litvinenko statement)
HMG000122 (S.A. Mikhailov request)
BER002750 (W. Litvinenko complaint)
INQ016447 (S. Challice statement)
INQ002076 (AL interview 1 of 18)
INQ016528 (AL interview 5 of 18)
INQ016659 (AL interview 17 of 18)
INQ015559 (Salambek 'Story 1')
INQ002450 (AL interview 3 of 18)
INQ002470 (AL interview 4 of 18)
2 Feb 2015Day 3
Evidence of Marina Litvinenko
COM00010001 (Aleksander L. interview)
BER002661 ('Failed Assassination BB')
INQ015541 (GP medical notes)
BLK000134 ('The Kremlin Pedophile')
INQ014304 (bank statement)
INQ014366 (bank statement)
INQ014365 (bank statement)
INQ014362 (bank statement)
INQ014359 (bank statement)
INQ018352 ('widow denies MI6 link')
28 Jan 2015Day 2
Pathology & Introductory Scientific Evidence
• Dr Nathaniel CARY
• Dr Benjamin SWIFT
• Dr Rebecca HATJIOSIF (read)
• A1
BLK000001 (Interim Death Certificate)
INQ003002 (Dr Cary statement)
INQ003187 (Dr Swift statement)
INQ007478 (A1 statement)
INQ007516 (A1 statement)
INQ015541 (GP medical notes)
INQ017809 (telephone schedule)
INQ017911 (Pine Bar)
INQ017917 (Sheraton Hotel 848)
INQ019297 (scientific graphs)
27 Jan 2015Day 1
Opening Statements
BLK000001 (Interim Death Certificate)
INQ001886 (press conference)
INQ016570 (AL interview 9 of 18)
INQ016582 (AL interview 10 of 18)
INQ016593 (AL interview 11 of 18)
INQ016642 (AL interview 16 of 18)
INQ016652 (AL interview 17 of 18)
INQ017399 (AL statement)
INQ017809 (telephone schedule)
INQ017911 (Pine Bar)
INQ017922 (25 Grosvenor Street)
INQ017926 (Best Western 107)
INQ017931 (Best Western 308)
INQ018199 (Ekho Moskvy interview)
INQ019194 ('Licence to Kill')
20 Jan 2015Directions Hearing
17 Dec 2014Directions Hearing
14 Nov 2014Directions Hearing
16 Oct 2014Directions Hearing
5 Sep 2014Directions Hearing
31 Jul 2014Suspension of Inquest and Opening of Public Inquiry

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