The lat­est traf­fic infor­ma­tion for England’s strate­gic road net­work. For infor­ma­tion on other roads in Eng­land please visit your Local Author­ity. Trunk roads and motor­ways in Scot­land are the respon­si­bil­ity of Trans­port Scot­land; those in Wales of the Welsh Gov­ern­ment.

A map overview of cur­rent inci­dents can be found on the Traf­fic Eng­land web­site.

Oper­a­tion Stack: update

Manston Air­field to be tem­porar­ily used to pro­vide addi­tional capac­ity for cross-Channel freight when Oper­a­tion Stack is in place.

Changes to how we present road works information

From 29 April 2015 we are tri­alling a fur­ther change to the pub­li­ca­tion of both planned and cur­rent road works infor­ma­tion to improve its accu­racy and reliability.

Find out more about how our road works infor­ma­tion is chang­ing.