Statement on the meetings with families

In October, members of the Iraq Inquiry Committee held meetings in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol and Belfast with a number of the families of those who died or are missing in Iraq to hear their views of the issues they believed the Inquiry should focus on. The Committee learned a lot from these discussions and were very grateful to everyone who attended. The Chairman has written to thank those who participated or who wrote in with their views.

The main issues identified during the discussions and in the subsequent correspondence were:

  • the overarching question of why and how the UK committed to military action in Iraq
  • the adequacy of equipment
  • the level of appropriate training
  • the inquest/criminal investigation process; and
  • Government contact with, and support for, bereaved families, injured Service personnel and kidnap victims.

The Committee recognises that there were some families who would have liked to attend one of the meetings but were unable to do so, either because the date did not suit or because the Inquiry did not have access to their contact details. We hope to have one further meeting in London on 18 December. If there are any families of those who died or are missing in Iraq who would like to attend, please contact the Inquiry.