Iraq Inquiry publishes further documents, transcripts and witness statements 

The Iraq Inquiry has published four further witness statements and a number of redacted transcripts from private hearings. A number of previously classified documents associated with these, and previous private hearings, have also been published to assist public understanding of that material.

To date the Inquiry has published 19 declassified transcripts of these private hearings; today it has published a further nine. This includes the transcripts of private hearings sessions with six senior SIS witnesses.

A full list of the newly published material can be found below.

Sir John Chilcot said:

“I am pleased to publish more material – this places a great deal of new evidence into the public domain.

“Further transcripts will be published in the coming months, alongside relevant declassified documents, which should help the reader understand what is being discussed in the hearings.

“Much more material will be declassified and published with the Inquiry’s report where it can be seen in the proper context.”

The Inquiry also announced that it has taken evidence from three further SIS officers. In these evidence sessions, the officers, who were each working on particularly sensitive matters, gave evidence on the detail of their work and on how it interfaced with the wider HMG effort. The Committee has concluded, in line with its Protocols that it would not be possible to redact and publish these transcripts without rendering them unintelligible. The Inquiry will, however, draw on the evidence received in reaching its conclusions and will reflect on how best to explain that in its report.

Material published on 14 July 2011:

Legal documents:

- 21 March 2002, minute from Grainger to PS/Foreign Secretary, Iraq: regime change
- 3 September 2002, letter from Greenstock to Jay, Iraq: handling in the Security Council
- 14 October 2002, minute from Adams to Goldsmith, Iraq: meeting with David Manning, 14 October
- 6 November 2002, minute from Wood to PS/Foreign Secretary, Iraq: legal basis for the possible use of force
- 22 January 2003, minute from Wood to PS/Foreign Secretary, Iraq: legal position
- 28 January 2003, letter from Adams to Manning, Iraq
- 31 January 2003, minute from Grainger to Pattison, Rights under international law to occupy and administer Iraq after a conflict
- 28 February 2003, minute from Wood to PS/Foreign Secretary, Iraq post-conflict
- 4 March 2003, minute from PS/Foreign Secretary to Wood, Iraq post-conflict
- 12 March 2003, letter from Hemming to Brummell, Iraq – position of the CDS
- 14 March 2003, letter from Brummell to Hemming, Iraq – position of the CDS

Documents related to the private hearing of Sir David Manning GCMG CVO – Foreign Policy Adviser to the Prime Minister, 2001 - 2003 and HM Ambassador to Washington 2003 – 2007:

- 26 July 2002, letter from Watkins to Rycroft, Iraq
- 6 September 2002, letter from Watkins to Manning, Iraq, military planning
- 12 September 2002, minute from Manning to Prime Minister, Iraq
- 20 September 2002, letter from Watkins to Manning, Iraq: potential UK contribution to any military action

Documents related to the private hearing of Sir Kevin Tebbit KCB CMG – Permanent Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Defence 1998 – 2005:

- 18 May 2002, letter from Rycroft to McDonald, David Manning’s visit to Washington, 17 May – Iraq

Documents related to the private hearing of Simon Webb CBE - Policy Director, Ministry of Defence, 2001- 2004:

- 27 February 2002, minute from Webb to PS/SofS, Axis of Evil
- 27 March 2002, minute from Roper to Webb, Iraq – nuclear weapons
- 12 April 2002, minute from Webb to PS/SofS, Bush and the war on terrorism