Update on Inquiry Progress - November 2013 

The Inquiry has today published an update on its progress that Sir John Chilcot sent to the Prime Minister on Monday 4 November. As the letter explains, the Inquiry’s ability to begin the ‘Maxwellisation’ process, during which it will send the detail of its provisional criticisms to relevant individuals, is dependent on the satisfactory completion of discussions between the Inquiry and the Government on disclosure of material that the Inquiry wishes to include in its report or publish alongside it.

Since June this year the Inquiry has submitted ten requests covering some 200 Cabinet-level discussions, 25 Notes from Mr Blair to President Bush and more than 130 records of conversations between either Mr Blair or Mr Brown and President Bush. The Inquiry Secretariat has responded to a number of Cabinet Office questions on those requests, but the Government and the Inquiry have not reached a final position on the disclosure of these more difficult categories of document.

The Inquiry is therefore not yet able to confirm when it will be in a position to commence the ‘Maxwellisation’ process.

 The Prime Minister replied to Sir John's letter on 5 November 2013.