Iraq Inquiry report to be published 6 July 2016

Sir John Chilcot and the Prime Minister have agreed that the Iraq Inquiry's report will be published on Wednesday 6 July 2016.  

The date was confirmed in correspondence between Sir John and the Prime Minister and follows completion of the report and the national security checking process.  

In his letter to the Prime Minister, Sir John said:

"... National Security Checking of the Inquiry's report has now been completed, without the need for any redactions to appear in the text.  I am grateful for the speed with which it was accomplished."  

On selecting 6 July for publication, Sir John added:

"This will allow suitable time for the Inquiry to prepare the 2.6 million word report for publication, including final proof reading, formatting, printing and the steps required for electronic publication."  

The report and supporting documents will be published on the Inquiry's website, alongside a guide on how to read the report.   

Arrangements are being made so that families of those who died as a result of the conflict in Iraq can have early access to the report on the day of publication.  Details will be available in due course.