PLEASE NOTE: This Website will be switched off on the 16th June 2016.
CPPP LegacyThe Care Pathways and Packages Project officially ends on 31 March 2015. To ensure that all of the currency work and information remains available this website will continue to be accessible for a further year, until 31 March 2016.
What is CPPP?
The Care Pathways & Packages Project (CPPP) is a consortium of organisations in the Yorkshire & Humber and North East SHA areas who are working together to develop National Currencies and Local Tariffs for Mental Health.
CPPP Workstreams
CPPP is involved in developing the tools and products required to implement currency in practice for Working Age Adult and Older People’s Services, testing and refining these in CPPP sites, and supporting members into the implementation phase. More information on these activities can be found within the CPPP Workstreams section of the website.
Extending the Scope
The scope of PbR is now being extended into other areas of Mental Health such as Learning Disabilities, Forensic, IAPT and Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services. CPPP is actively engaged in these developments and more information on activities can be found within the Extending the Scope section of the website.
Documents and Links
A range of documents offering detailed information about the project, including the specific work streams, minutes and notes of key meetings and events. We also include links to a range of other websites you may find useful. Please email if you have any information that you think should be included.