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Our strategy and business plan

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Our 2013 to 2016 strategy set out fundamental changes to the way we regulate services. We're seeking to build on this with our 2016 to 2021 strategy, to ensure the way we work is flexible and responsive enough to keep pace with changes in the sectors we regulate.

Why our strategy is evolving

The way that health and social care is delivered is changing. To keep up, we need to be able to register and inspect new models of care and comment on quality for specific population groups and across areas. We also need to consider how to support care providers to use resources as efficiently as possible, and look at how we can do our own job with fewer resources. We want to move towards a more collaborative approach, one where providers can recognise the need for improvement and act on it themselves, rather than relying on external regulation.

Our consultation document Shaping the future set out how we propose to meet these challenges. We asked members of the public, care providers and stakeholders to tell us what they thought of our plans through co-production work, followed by a formal consultation on our new strategy.

The consultation process closed at midday on 14 March 2016. All responses are currently being independently analysed and will help inform our thinking. We will publish a consultation response alongside our final strategy in May this year.

2013 to 2016 strategy

In our 2013 to 2016 strategy, we set out our plans to change the way we regulate health and social care services.

Our strategy for 2013 to 2016 PDF | 644.33 KB

Last updated:
5 April 2016