New Customers

We aim to provide our Customers with easy access to our portfolio of Waste Management Services. This section of our website gives a basic overview of the process for consigning Low Level Waste (LLW) for treatment or disposal to support potential New Customers. Further guidance can be found within the Waste Acceptance Criteria and Waste Acceptance Procedure pages. For advice on any of LLWR’s services or for details of how to become a Customer, please contact or 019467 70272

1. Early Engagement

We would advise all New Customers to discuss their waste management needs with LLWR as soon as they are aware they require our treatment or disposal services. Early engagement allows any issues to be identified and resolved. We offer Waste Characterisation, Packaging and Transport services to enable Customers to manage their waste in line with the Waste Hierarchy and deliver “a right first time solution”.

2. Agreement in Principle

An Agreement in Principle is used when waste will not be generated for some time and a Customer requires some confidence that the waste is suitable for consignment to LLWR Site. This allows the Customer to continue with their operations in the knowledge that a Waste Services Contract will be entered into at a later date. To initiate this process the Customer should contact the Customer Team.

3. Disposal Authorisation

To allow the treatment or disposal of LLW, the Customer must hold a valid disposal authorisation obtained from the relevant environmental agency (Environment Agency for England and Wales or Scottish Environmental Protection Agency for Scotland) and issued under the relevant legislation. 

The authorisation will state the requirements the Customer must fulfil in order to transfer waste to LLWR for treatment and/ or disposal. This is likely to specify limits on both the radioactivity concentration of the waste and the total radioactivity that can be transferred to LLWR.

4. Waste Services Contract

New Customers must enter into a Waste Services Contract with LLWR in order to access the services we offer. The contract incorporates four key elements:

  • Terms and Conditions 
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria 
  • Waste Acceptance Procedure 
  • Service Pricing Mechanisms

We have a standard Waste Services Contract which commenced on 1st April 2010 and will expire on 31st March 2018. This ensures that all Customer are treated equitably.

5. Waste Services Contract Data Form

The following form is to be used by New Customers wishing to obtain a Waste Services Contract with LLWR for the treatment and / or disposal of lower activity radioactive Waste or Existing Customers who hold a valid Waste Service Contract who require a Third Party Agreement to consign waste for treatment and / or disposal on behalf of another company who own the waste.

Please complete the Form as fully as possible. The completed Form should be submitted by e-mail to