The Low Level Waste Repository (LLWR) is the UK’s national low level radioactive waste disposal facility. It is located close to the West Cumbrian coastline in the North West of England. It is one of 19 sites owned by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). The site is operated by LLW Repository Ltd on behalf of the NDA.

The safe disposal of waste is a vital part of any industrial or decommissioning process. Our role is to ensure that low level radioactive waste generated in the UK is disposed of in a way that protects people and the environment. Established in 1959, the site has safely disposed of the nation’s low level waste for over 50 years. The containerised waste is grouted prior to disposal in engineered concrete vaults. More than £100 million has been invested in the infrastructure of the site over the past decade to maintain the facility as an important asset for the UK.

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1. Rail Sidings

Waste arrives in containers by rail and road. It is checked and unloaded at the receipt area on the Rail Sidings. The rail sidings is the transport hub for the import of construction materials and export of waste materials.

2. Grouting Facility

Following receipt, containers are transferred to the Grouting Facility where each container is filled with grout to create a solid structure, suitable for disposal in our vaults.

3. Vault 8

Once the grout has set, the container is transferred to the Vaults for storage and disposal. Here it is stacked alongside other containers in a similar arrangement to a container port.

4. Trenches 1 to 7

Before construction of the vaults, waste was disposed of in a series of lined trenches. The site has seven trenches, which have been covered with an interim cap to reduce water entry and to prepare the site for closure. Routine environmental monitoring of the trenches continues to take place

5. Vault 9

Vault 9 provides additional capacity to meet the UK's low level waste management needs. With advances in technology, the new vault, with its multiple layers of protection, provides enhanced low level waste storage and disposal.