Independent Advisory Group on Country Information (IAGCI)

The IAGCI was established in March 2009 by the Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration and succeeded the Advisory Panel on Country Information (APCI). The IAGCI makes recommendations to the Chief Inspector about the country information and guidance produced by the Home Office’s Country Policy and Information Team as well as recommendations of a more general nature.

The IAGCI is chaired by Dr Laura Hammond.

Membership of the IAGCI is at the invitation of the Chief Inspector and is made up of individuals and organisations operating in the country information and / or the refugee fields. All minutes from the IAGCI’s meetings are published on this website.

It is not the function of the IAGCI to endorse any Home Office material or procedures. Some of the material examined by the IAGCI relates to countries designated or proposed for designation onto the Non-Suspensive Appeals (NSA) list. In such cases, the IAGCI’s work should not be taken to imply any endorsement of the decision or proposal to designate a particular country for NSA, nor of the NSA process itself.

For more information, see Terms of reference and Commissioning reviews.

Contact details

Independent Advisory Group on Country Information (IAGCI),
Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration,
5th Floor, Globe House,
89 Eccleston Square,
London, SW1V 1PN

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