Reviews of Country Information and Guidance Reports

A review of a Country of Origin Information (COI) report should be read in conjunction with the COI report and the relevant IAGCI meeting minutes both of which can be found using the links below.

Country of Origin Information reports

IAGCI meeting minutes

In the reviews the reviewer will state the numbered paragraph in the COI report that they are referring to.  The COI Service that produce the reports might then comment.  Their comments are in the blue text.  For example:

Additionally, in 19.02, the cursory mention of Shona systems of descent, succession and inheritance is inadequate to indicate the issues that should be taken into account in  assessing cases where descent, succession or inheritance may be a material factor. In particular, the system of wife inheritance is not mentioned at all, yet may well be pertinent in claims where marital status (or, indeed, forced marriage) is relevant. A reference here to 22.18 might be helpful, although 22.18 also has problems.

COIS: Partly accepted – not an issue that arises, as far as we are aware. But we will review this section and link with the section on women.

The COI reviews can be found below 








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