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The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration

The UK Borders Act 2007, section 48 (powers came into force on 1 April 2008) provides the statutory framework for the Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration.

The Chief Inspector is appointed to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the UK’s border and immigration functions. He reports annually to the Home Secretary and his reports are placed before Parliament.

The Chief Inspector’s annual inspection plan is discussed at the start of each year but the Chief Inspector retains the flexibility to work outside the plan.

The remit of the Chief Inspector does not permit him to consider individual cases. However, he may take note of the key issues of an individual case and use these to inform his wider inspection programme.

The Chief Inspector’s team currently consists of 29 members of staff.

Main areas for inspection include:

  • Overall performance
  • Practice and procedure in making decisions
  • The treatment of claimants and applicants
  • Consistency of approach
  • Discrimination in the exercise of functions
  • Enforcement powers
  • The handling of complaints
  • Country information.
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