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Our mission at the Arts Council is Great art and culture for everyone. We work hard to achieve this by championing, developing and investing in arts and cultural experiences that enrich people's lives. We have a 10-year strategic framework, running from 2010-2020; and at the heart of this we have five goals, all there to help us meet our mission. In October 2013 we released the second edition of this publication - you can download the publication (PDF) or find out more by exploring this page.


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Read ‘Great art and culture for everyone’, our 10-year strategic framework

The second edition of our strategic framework is now available. Published in October 2013, the document explains our vision for the arts and culture, where we are now, and expands on our five strategic goals. Read it on the right (an update to your web browser may be required) or download a copy (PDF).

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Find out about the impact of public investment in arts and culture – of our goals in action, and join the conversation.

Header photo: Battle for the Winds - the final battle. Kevin Clifford.