Ladies-in-Waiting and Equerries
The Private Secretary's Office

Ladies-in-Waiting and Equerries are also members of the Private Secretary’s Office.

The Ladies-in-Waiting are personally chosen by The Queen. The Senior Lady-in-Waiting is Mistress of the Robes, Fortune, Duchess of Grafton, and the other Ladies-in-Waiting are The Countess of Airlie; Diana, Lady Farnham; The Hon Mary Morrison; The Lady Susan Hussey; The Lady Elton; The Hon Mrs Whitehead; Mrs Michael Gordon Lennox and Mrs Robert de Pass.

Their duties are varied and include attending to private and personal matters for Her Majesty, and handling a substantial proportion of The Queen’s general correspondence. The Ladies-in-Waiting accompany Her Majesty on her engagements at home and abroad and, since the beginning of The Queen’s reign, when she is not accompanied by The Duke of Edinburgh, the Lady-in-Waiting on duty travels with Her Majesty in her vehicle.

The post of Lady-in-Waiting is not open to application. In addition to The Queen, other female Members of the Royal Family appoint their own Ladies-in-Waiting.

The Equerry to The Queen supports Her Majesty in her official duties and private life, as a member of a small team responsible for the detailed planning and execution of The Queen’s daily programme.

The Equerry is seconded from the Armed Forces for three years, with each Service taking its turn to provide an officer. The Equerry wears uniform during The Queen’s daytime engagements when they are in personal attendance on The Queen.

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