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Topic: Social Protection and Benefits

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  • Social Protection - European Comparisons of Expenditure, 2007 to 2013 09-Dec-2015
    Estimates related to social protection from across 33 European countries based on Eurostat data from the European System of Integrated Social Protection Statistics (ESSPROS).
  • Housing Summary Measures Analysis 05-Aug-2015
    The 15 Housing Summary Measures, part of the ONS Housing Statistics Portal, including availability and affordability of privately owned and social housing for local authorities in England and Wales and affordability of private rented housing.
  • Poverty and Employment Transitions in the UK and EU, 2007-2012 10-Mar-2015
    The relationship between relative income poverty and participation in the labour market and the extent to which moving into employment is associated with leaving poverty. Analysis by a range of demographic factors, characteristics of employment and EU comparisons.
  • Intergenerational transmission of disadvantage in the UK & EU 23-Sep-2014
    Examines the extent to which the circumstances children grow up in affect their future life chances. Analysis is presented both for the UK and a number of other EU countries.
  • Using the Local Enterprise Partnership Profiles to examine the South East Midlands LEP 31-May-2013
    This article presents a selection of the charts and data for the South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) available for users to view in the Local Enterprise Partnerships Profiles. The aim of the article is not to provide a comprehensive overview of the particular LEP chosen, but rather to provide an indication of some of the information available within the LEP profiles, and in particular within the LEP Local Authority Comparator Profiles.
  • An Analysis of Under 18 Conceptions and their Links to Measures of Deprivation, England and Wales, 2008-10 14-Feb-2013
    This article explores the most recent annual under 18 conception data using three year aggregates and averages. It highlights patterns in the data and explores possible reasons for these patterns. Under 18 conceptions are considered in context, with comparisons drawn to under 16 conceptions as well as selected population and urban aspects.

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