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2011 Census data publishing strategy

The latest release from the 2011 Census is being published across ONS’s websites. This page explains why.

About ONS’s family of websites

ONS is responsible for four websites, each offering a different service:

  • The ONS website publishes all bulletins, and most of the data, from its releases, as well as offering background information and guidance.

  • Neighbourhood Statistics (NeSS) is an ONS web service specialising in the dissemination of detailed, small-area data. The NeSS website has an API.

  • Nomis is a web service provided by the ONS to give access to detailed UK labour market and other population statistics from official sources. This site is designed to handle complex tables.

  • The Publication Hub is owned by the UK Statistics Authority, and operated by ONS on behalf of the the National Statistician. It announces and links to statistical releases from across the Government Statistical Service – the statistical units from UK government departments.

Why is the latest release published only on Nomis?

Nomis is designed to handle complex statistics, including data for small areas or multivariates. Go to the Nomis 2011 Census data page

Do I have to register to use other ONS websites?

No. You do not need to register to use any of our websites. All sites are free to use.

Is Neighbourhood Statistics still a useful source of 2011 census statistics?

Yes. Although it doesn’t house complex multivariates, Neighbourhood Statistics provides a useful source of comparative data.  The NeSS ‘Census’ topic includes the 2011 Census Key and Quick Statistics along with their 2001 equivalents. Go to NeSS topic search


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