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  • The population of Devon increased almost three-fold between 1801 and 1991.

  • In 1991, over one in four households in Devon did not have central heating, which compared to a GB average of one in five.

  • Between 1851 and 1901, the number of people employed on the railways in Devon (excluding construction) increased over fourteen-fold - from 351 people to 5,064 people.

  • In 1881, 11% of Devon's female population were employed as indoor domestic servants. Over 25 times as many females were domestic servants as males.

  • In 1861, there were 2 chimney sweeps between the ages of 5 and 9 in Devon.

  • In 1911 there were 5,184 people in Devon employed in shipbuilding.

  • The rise in the population density of Devon has been modest. There were 0.3 people per acre in 1831, compared to 0.6 people per acre in 1991. This was below the GB average of almost 1 person per acre in 1991.

  • The number of people per household has decreased over the last 200 years. In 1801 the average household in Devon contained 6 people, compared to 2.5 in 1991. This was consistent with the 1991 GB average.

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