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Local Authority Districts

The maps are available in 3 Pdf files, one for each different level of the classification – Supergroup, Group and Subgroup. For each of these maps it is possible to select individual clusters or multiple clusters using the Layers feature of Adobe Reader (or similar software if this feature is available).

Map of Supergroups (1.07 Mb Pdf)

Map of Groups (1.01 Mb Pdf)

Map of Subgroups (1.14 Mb Pdf)

Output Areas

Maps showing the output areas covered by the Supergroups, Groups and Subgroups with the 2011 Area Classification for Output Areas.

Maps of Selectable 2011 OAC Groups (9.88 Mb Pdf)

Map of Selectable 2011 OAC Supergroups (6.06 Mb Pdf)

Update 15 April 2015

An error was found in the labelling of two census variables (numbered 32 and 33 in the supporting documentation) used in helping to define two Subgroups. As a result two Subgroups have now been renamed:

4a1 is now Social Renting Young Families (previously Private Renting Young Families)
4a2 is now Private Renting New Arrivals (previously Social Renting New Arrivals)

All supporting material has been updated to reflect these changes, in particular this affects references to households privately renting and socially renting in the Pen Portraits.

ONS apologises for any inconvenience caused.

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