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2001 Definitions Volume

Release date: 08 July 2004

The Census 2001 Definitions volume brings together background information to help in the use of the Census. The volume was prepared by ONS in conjunction with GROS and NISRA, the organisations responsible for the Censuses in Scotland and Northern Ireland. It provides comprehensive information on:

  • definitions and classifications used in the 2001 Census

  • details of differences in the data collected in the different parts of the UK

  • notes on changes from 1991

  • background information on Census processes and geography

  • a full listing of the statistical tables forming the standard output from the 2001 Census.

The report provides valuable information for a wide range of users, from those who need to understand the complexities of the Census coding to those who simply need to know the definition of a term used in a Census table.

Media, availability and cost:


Report available free as a series of downloadable pdf files.

In print

Printed report [£40.00 ISBN 0 11 621754 5] available from The Stationary Office.

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