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Standard occupational classification 2010 (SOC2010)

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The standard occupational classification 2010 (SOC2010) is a common classification of occupational information for the UK.

Within the context of the classification, jobs are classified in terms of their skill level and skill content.

It is used for career information to labour market entrants, job matching by employment agencies and the development of government labour market policies.

SOC2010 is the latest update and is divided into 3 volumes:

  • SOC2010 volume 1: structure and descriptions of unit groups

    Outlines the background, resources, concepts and processes of SOC2010.

  • SOC2010 volume 2: the structure and coding index

    Provides the coding index for SOC2010.

  • SOC2010 volume 3: the National Statistics Socio-economic classification (NS-SEC rebased on the SOC2010)

    NS-SEC has been constructed to measure the employment relations and conditions of occupations.

  • SOC2010 and NS-SEC coding tools

    The Classifications and Harmonisation Unit has developed a series of coding tools to assist with coding to SOC2010 and NS-SEC.

  • SOC2010 contact and publication details

    For more information on SOC2010 and the NS-SEC, please contact Classifications and Harmonisation Unit.

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