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GSS methodology series

The GSS methodology (GSSM) series of publications are monographs with a substantial methodological interest written by people across the Government Statistical Service (GSS).

A wide range of issues is covered, including sample survey design and estimation, time series analysis and the compilation of National Accounts.

The reports examine the methodological issues affecting the quality of the data provided and evaluate alternative methodologies.

These reports were published by ONS on behalf of the GSS.

GSSM series no. Title Author
1 Software to weight and gross survey data (335.4 Kb Pdf) Dave Elliot, ONS
2 Report of the task force on seasonal adjustment (1.62 Mb Pdf) ONS
3 Report of the task force on imputation (554.2 Kb Pdf) ONS
4 Report of the task force on disclosure (1.15 Mb Pdf) ONS
5 GDP Output methodological guide (1.83 Mb Pdf) Peter Sharp, ONS
6 Interpolating annual data into monthly or quarterly data (709.5 Kb Pdf) Michael Baxter, ONS
7 Sample design options for an Integrated Household Survey (512.3 Kb Pdf) Dave Elliot, Jeremy Barton, ONS
8 Evaluating non-response on household surveys (613.7 Kb Pdf) Kate Foster, ONS
9 Reducing statistical burdens on business (423 Kb Pdf) Andrew Machin, ONS
10 Statistics on Trade in Goods (420 Kb Pdf) David Ruffles, ONS
11 The 1997 UK pilot of the Eurostat Time Use Survey (2.76 Mb Pdf) Patrick Sturgess, Peter Lynn, SCPR
12 Monthly statistics on Public Sector Finances (564.8 Kb Pdf) Jeff Golland, ONS; David Savage, Tim Pike, Stephen Knight, HM Treasury
13 A review of sample attrition and representativeness in three longitudinal surveys (608.3 Kb Pdf) Gad Nathan, Hebrew University
14 Measuring and improving data quality (1.09 Mb Pdf) Vera Ruddock, ONS
15 Gross Domestic Product: Output approach (Gross Value Added) (1.31 Mb Pdf) Peter Sharp, ONS
16 Report of the task force on weighting and estimation (803.4 Kb Pdf) Dave Elliot, ONS
17 Methodological issues in the production and analysis of longitudinal data from the Labour Force Survey (372.1 Kb Pdf) P S Clarke, P F Tate, ONS
18 Comparisons of income data between the Family Expenditure Survey and the Family Resources Survey (523.4 Kb Pdf) M Frosztega, DSS
19 European Community Household Panel - robustness assessment report for UK income data waves 1 and 2 (376.4 Kb Pdf) C Cousins, A Croft, E Snowdon, ONS
20 Producer Price Indices - principles and procedures (669.4 Kb Pdf) Ian Richardson, ONS
21 Variation estimation for Labour Force Survey estimates of level and change (864.8 Kb Pdf) D J Holmes, C J Skinner, University of Southampton
22 Longitudinal data for policy analysis (598.8 Kb Pdf) Michael White, Joan Payne, Jane Lakey, Policy Studies Institute
23 Report on GSS survey activity in 1997 (494 Kb Pdf) ONS Survey Control Unit
24 Obtaining information about drinking through surveys of the general population (275.9 Kb Pdf) Eileen Goddard, ONS
25 Methods for automatic record-matching and linkage and their use in National Statistics (2.1 Mb Pdf) Leicester Gill, University of Oxford
26 Designing surveys using variances calculated from census data (971.3 Kb Pdf) Sharon Bruce, Charles Lound, Dave Elliot, ONS
27 Report on GSS survey activity in 1998 (488.5 Kb Pdf) ONS Survey Control Unit
28 Evaluation criteria for statistical editing and imputation (431.3 Kb Pdf) Ray Chambers, University of Southampton
29 Report on GSS survey activity in 1999 (501.1 Kb Pdf) ONS Survey Control Unit
30 The value and feasibility of a national survey of drug use among adults in the UK (314.5 Kb Pdf) Eileen Goddard, ONS
31 Report on GSS survey activity in 2000 (300.1 Kb Pdf) ONS Quality Centre
32 Gross Domestic Product output approach (GVA) - revised (270.8 Kb Pdf) Peter Sharp, ONS
33 Life expectancy at birth: methodological options for small populations (288.1 Kb Pdf) Barbara Toson, Allan Baker, ONS
34 Making a population estimate in England and Wales (361.1 Kb Pdf) Julie Jefferies, Ruth Fulton, ONS
35 Smoothing of standardised mortality ratios (1.14 Mb Pdf) Anca Carrington, Martin Ralphs, Bruce Mitchell, Patrick Heady, Nargis Rahman, ONS
36 Statistics on Trade in Goods (384.4 Kb Pdf) Caroline Lakin, ONS; Tricia Williams, HMRC
37 Estimating alcohol consumption from survey data: updated method of converting volumes to units (307.6 Kb Pdf) Eileen Goddard, ONS
38 100 years of the Census of Production in the UK (468.2 Kb Pdf) Paul Smith, Stephen Penneck, ONS
39 Quality of the 2010 Electoral Register in England & Wales (1.06 Mb Pdf) ONS
40 Modelling sample data from smart-type electricity meters to assess potential within Official Statistics (2.03 Mb Pdf)

Susan Williams and Karen Gask, ONS

41 Using geolocated Twitter traces to infer residence and mobility (1.25 Mb Pdf) Nigel Swier, Bence Komarniczky and Ben Clapperton, ONS
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