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2011 Census ad-hoc tables

Census ad hoc tables are produced in response to user requests and contain combinations of data that are not available in standard publications. Once created, ad hoc tables are published for all to use. See the ONS ONS ad hoc data pages.

Ad hoc tables are constrained by the data, by the availability of skilled staff, by the similarity to what ONShas already released or plans to release, and by statistical disclosure control. Date of birth and migration within the UK are currently not available. However, characteristics of migrants and some forms of migration within England and Wales are available.

ONS's development plans for 2011 Census ad hoc tables include:

  • In 2015: ways to produce ad hoc origin destination tables at local authority level

  • In 2016: further increase in the range of geographies and data in 2011 Census ad hoc outputs.

We are also hoping to make ad hoc outputs available for 2001 Census later this year, as this service has been temporarily suspended due to a change in tabulation software. ONS will issue a Census News Alert as each new part of the service becomes available. Customers are advised to register for these alerts with Census Customer Services.

Contact Census Customer Services for more information or complete the ad hoc data request form (134 Kb Pdf) .

ONS charges for building ad hoc tables. Download the price list for census ad hoc tables (101.6 Kb Pdf) .

Please note: 2011 Census ad hoc tables are now published in the ONS ad hoc data section where you can also find other additional statistical data and analyses by theme, that have not been included in ONS's standard publications.


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